IPX Gaming Night - ET:W

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10/04/2009 20:00
Challenge Details
Challenge Type: 
the interwebs
Not Applicable

Game: Enemy Territory
Poll Results: Here
Date & Time: Friday 10/04/09 around 8:00pm start
Password: ask in irc or mumble if you don’t already know

Enemy Territory is a free game and the following files will be required

Windows – V1.0 – V2.60 – V2.60B
Enemy Territory V1.0
Backup URL WolfET.exe
Patch Backup URL V2.60B
Patch Backup URL V2.60
Patch V2.60
Patch V2.60B

Linux – V2.56 – V2.60 – V2.60B
Enemy Territory V2.56
backup url WolfET Linux
Patch V2.60
Patch v2.60B

Must Have Files
Place into your etpub directory
File 1
File 2

More Maps
Web Download

PunkBusters for Windows and Linux

Map Packs
European Toxic Clan Orange Map Pack
File Size: 81.42 MB
Map List
01: adlernest.pk3 (final)
02: baserace.pk3 (final)
03: braundorf_b4.pk3 (beta4)
04: caen.pk3 (final)
05: password2_v12.pk3 (v1.2)
06: reactor_final.pk3 (final)
07: snatch3.pk3 (final)
08: SuperGoldrush_Final.pk3 (final)
09: supplydepot2.pk3 (final)
10: tc_base.pk3 (final)
11: venice.pk3 (final)
12: xlabs1.pk3 (final)

GA Enemy Territory Season 13 Map Pack
File Size: 64.3 MB
Map List

Edit by Robag
Do you want to set your IPX colors

well here is how
goto the install path of W:ET

mine is for example

C:\Program Files (x86)\Wolfenstein – Enemy Territory\
C:\Program Files (x86)\Wolfenstein – Enemy Territory\etmain\profiles\yourprofilename

open the file etconfig.cfg with wordpad on windows or vim on linux :)

and look for the entry

seta name “your name – ^4I^7P^AX “

change the entry to your clan name and save the file

restart W:ET and you will be strutting in style flying the Team IPX colors


willow's picture

O dearr

I didnt know ET was a free game (lol)… Robag will need you on thursday evening if im not able to load game.

Robag's picture

happy to help Willow

i will try to get on MSN tonight


Microman's picture


Are we able to invite friends to join?

bob2rules is interested.

n0mad's picture

Yes c0me all

Why n0t just advise them t0 B 0n IRC when we p0st the passw0rd

Talking Server and Passw0rd are we all b00ked f0r Friday Chipper ?


Microman's picture

Will pass that on

Will pass that one next time I see him :-)

Sha8doW's picture


maybe see if your sister is down too micro, could always do with some extra numbers

Sha8doW's picture

would also be good

Would be nice to see some of the no so regulars out and about for a game of Fun!

We should advise Thomo and the FKQ crew

note to self. Don’t drink

note to self. Don’t drink so much before 8 on a tuesday.

had a massive hangover this morning


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Booking description: IPX
Booked Date and Time: Friday, 10 April 2009 @ 08:30pm AEDT
Duration: 3 hours
Game: Enemy Territory
Server address:
Max players: 16
Mod directory: etpub
Map – GC: SW Oasis
Timelimit: 20 mins
Antilag: ON
Force Team Balance: off
Punkbuster: On
Headshot Mode: OFF

MAPS we can play are:
Braundorf b4
Special Delivery 2
Supply Depot
SW Goldrush
SW Oasis
Reactor final
Headshot2 b2
Decerto b2
Password 2

but to be honest I reckon that considering most folks will be 1st timers that the 6 that come with the game dl will be enough!

PW will be given in IRC or mumble prior to the game so please check in

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see post below

Sha8doW's picture


i miss Decoder, Tram and River Redux!

willow's picture


I played ET back in 2004 on intranet for a few days in the middle east (long story lol)…..and i really enjoyed it….i am so looking forward to friday….mine mine mine all my health packs!!

Fuzz's picture

me too

they were great maps. Any chance we can get ET:W on the IPX server sometime so we can control the map choice? Would be great for nights like these.

willow's picture

Sober club

Join the sober club lol…..Ive been sober since 15/02/09…gosh thats the longest ive ever been since 2005 where i went sober bcoz of work! lol!

Sha8doW's picture


Suggest people get a copy of this MANUAL PUNKBUSTER UPDATER as it seems a few of us who have re-installed the program have noticed that the ET:QW version of PB doesnt quite gel with the ET:W

this one manually updates to the most recent version!
(gets you through alot of of errors, me personally through the Violation 20006 error)

Robag's picture

w:et punkbuster update

hi all

after running the Patch V2.60B punkbuster will have a massive freak out.

just goto you W:ET install directory and run “pbweb.exe”

C:\Program Files (x86)\Wolfenstein – Enemy Territory\pb\pbweb.exe

this will force an update of your punk buster client for W:ET

part of the pb update logfile

[04.08.2009 19:45:45] PBWEB v1.4
[04.08.2009 19:45:45] This program is © Copyright 2002 by Even Balance, Inc., All Rights Reserved.

[04.08.2009 19:45:45] pbweb must be launched from the home “pb” folder where the game is installed.
If launched from another location, pbweb will not be able to update PunkBuster.

[04.08.2009 19:45:45] If you experience a problem with this program, email support@evenbalance.com.
Please attach the generated pbweb.log file and also supply the following info:
1) Which Game, 2) Operating System, 3) Internet Connection Type, and
4) Any other details that may help in resolving the problem.

[04.08.2009 19:45:45] Starting pbweb to check for PunkBuster updates via world wide web
[04.08.2009 19:45:45] Initializing … (please wait – ctrl+c to cancel)
[04.08.2009 19:47:45] Resolving www.evenbalance.com
[04.08.2009 19:47:45] Resolved to
[04.08.2009 19:47:45] Checking for PB Client updates
[04.08.2009 19:47:45] Game: et



I’m out of it guys, got a mate coming around Friday for the Wrasslin’/Footy

Microman's picture

One CD key.

I’m afraid we only have one CD key, so that won’t be possible. But We can both play? EG just take turns or something :-)

YES lol pub is so much

YES lol pub is so much better than pro. Watch me whizz around the maps :) I hate the stamina bar changes on pro

Microman's picture

Password Server Right?

So why do we need PB? You can disable it you know…

chipper's picture

free game

its a free game so you can have as many copies as you like. you will just need too computers

chipper's picture


have booked the server as pub to save the extra downloads

Hashy's picture


Internode Download Section for Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Download link for internode customers, unmetered content.


NOTE: The required map packs are not on the internode section. Please download from the links in n0mads first post, thankyou.

Sha8doW's picture


need 2 computers and away you both go!

Sha8doW's picture



Sha8doW's picture

dats cool

Np’s Ooz, maybe next time!
N-Joy the wrestlin!

Robag's picture

WrestleMania XXV

omg Undertaker V HBK best ever

Aww so no PB?

Aww so no PB?

Microman's picture


But of course! Being an older game it will work on the other computer too :-). Will have to convince her to stay up late though…

Should be a good night :-)

chipper's picture


If you are having issues installing the game please see this GUIDE

the guide gives a nice walk through on the install process etc

note that the “2.60b full install for Windows” isn’t actually there

Somtin's picture

headshot mode?

Headshot mode off? headshots dont do anything? huh what? :P I’ll see you all there! :D

Fuzz's picture

Wolf night

Thanks for organising Chip. I had a great time. Can’t wait til the next Wolf game.

n0mad's picture

HURRA to Chip

Great work Chip can’t wait for “WETITS

Updates th0se 2 file links ab0ve…….


willow's picture


wanted to make it this evening but got stuck at a family lunch!! (sigh) had downloaded everything too!! whens next wolf night?? i look 4wad to dat and knw u guys had fun 2nite!!

Somtin's picture


sorry i could not make it guys, a bit too late for me. :(

Microman's picture

Great Game

I had a lot of fun on this game last night!

Need to get PB fixed so we can wire up both computers to the game… Ideas?

W:ET is a much better game than I thought!

Robag's picture

Thank you chipper

great time was had by all

good to see i still suck at shooting in any game lol


chipper's picture

Thanks for showing guys

Was a fun night and it was great to see up to 10 of us there. I think that was the biggest IPX showing in sometime.

To those that hadn’t played before special thanks as its always an effort to get the game working and to familiarise yourself with it first time out. Also a big thank you to our NZ guys for staying up late; will see if we can make these nights earlier in the future.

On the games themselves, I had a ball! There were some great moments watching the coverts getting all confused about who was in who’s uniform and who was on what side! I think at some stages there was more tking going on the axis vs allies!! Might have to enable hit sounds next time to help the new guys with that. Other hilarities included players killing themselves on their own teams land mines (no MM its not like etqw!) and players not realising when warm-up was over and tking their team in the first few rounds of a game (not mentioning any names here… cough, cough, n0mad, cough :)).

As for the next et game, how do we feel about challenging ADA to a match?

HarassmentPanda's picture

As long as

PB is on, I’m not insinuating anything at all about Bob, nothing at all ;-)

Sha8doW's picture


lets do it again

ta for everyone who showed and ta for chip organising

was fun and funny at that same time! lol

With you on the mines chipper :) lol

Kraizen – “Watch out for the mines… sigh”

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