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Trek 1 - Valley Heights

02/09/2006 06:00
Valley Heights


This trek was hatched while at work. During our regular daily email debates Fuzz mentioned a creek / pool in Warrimoo he had gone to as a kid with a friend “Mr T”. A few years later he heard a kid was murdered and his body was found near that creek in Warrimoo! Sha8doW disagreed on the basis that he’d never heard of it before. Kazashi and Kazozza agreed with Fuzz but they too were sketchy on details. Fuzz did some investigating and found some newspaper articles about a St Marys teenager whose body was discovered by bush walkers in 1992 on a track on the border between Valley Heights and Warrimoo. The newspaper article was detailing that police were calling for anyone with information to come forward as the murder was still unsolved. IPX was touched by the tragic tale and decided to do their own investigations. IPX created a detailed dossier on the crime and planned a trek in order to gather further details and clarify some conflicting newspaper article facts.

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