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Contest: What should we name the IPX blog?

Some sites have cool names for their blogs. Ours is just called “blog” right now and accessed via /blog.

So do we just keep it as Blog, or do we want to come up with something sounds cool and promotes IPX?

There’s something to be said for keeping it at /blog. Simple, effective… There’s also a case for catchy names too…

An example:

Company: lullabot
Blog name: lullablog

The only thing I can think of is perhaps ipxblog… kinda sucks though.

Thoughts, suggestions?

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Recruitment Drive

I would like peoples opinions on an IPX Recruitment Drive?

Do we need to recruit?
How many should we recruit?
What are we looking for?


you know what i mean, and i want thoughts…. Ashi VALUE ADD!
no fence sitting in this one people ZEN IT UP and comment!

No matter what we do, of course we need to recruit people who we know and get along with, such as we did with Chipper/ltmon.

Also Chip/ltmon, I need your home addresses!
gotta send you something (don’t worry I’am not trying to sell Amway!)

also ashi, whats the status of Hashi?

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What kind of forum for the site?

Drupals inbuilt forums (basically pages and comments, users get points for forum posts and replies, looks kinda amateur)
0% (0 votes)
UIE Forum (what we have now, integrated into the site properly, behaves like a normal forum, users dont get points for posts)
100% (6 votes)
External Forum (phpbb, link from our site to forum, not integrated at all, separate users etc)
0% (0 votes)
No forums
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 6
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Back in Business

And we’re back. After a short outage after we exceeded our bandwidth limit, we’re back online. The plan is to stay on the free hosting plan until we’re ready to go live so towards the end of each month its likely we’ll be over our limit. The limit is 250MB, and by moving to the first paying plan we’ll get 2GB of bandwidth, and hopefully that will be plenty for go live. If it isn’t there are other hosting options we can consider.

IPX News Edition 4 - The Sha8doW family welcome baby boy Sha8dow!

Greetings and welcome to the 4th Edition of IPX news.

Team IPX is proud to congratulate Sha8doW and Mrs Sha8doW on the birth of their first child. “Sha9doW” (as his codename currently stands) was born on the 12th at 9:35PM after a 13 hour labour. He weighs 3685g and is 51cm tall. Baby mother and father are all doing well but need their rest.

p=. Sha8doWs baby representing IPX in true fashion by wearing the Trademark Team IPX colours

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is the Poll thing cool or not?

67% (6 votes)
11% (1 vote)
Meh never trust a poll
22% (2 votes)
Total votes: 9

IPX News Edition 3 - Admins change custom server maps

Greetings and welcome to the 3rd Edition of IPX news.

Due to the recent “decisions” and “changes” made on the Custom Node ET server… IPX has called for a CALL TO ARMS for all those who want to make a peaceful protest.
8pm EST friday 1st June…. everyone who wants the OLD maps put back LOGON to node 1 and make your voice heard!


IPX News Edition 2 - Shads back.... Samurai Shad

Greetings and welcome to the 2nd Edition of IPX news.

After subject call from the referee Sha8doW was sent to the Penalty box with the “2 Weeks for Banging” penalty.
After an issue with the “LOCK” on the door Sha8doW was let back out onto the “ICE” a day late… another injustice at the hands of the referees!
Sha8doW released a statement before being cut off by his legal advisors “B!TCHES…Shads Back… Samurai Shad… And to you TRUCKIN morons, you know who im talking bout, get your grubby mits off the server… RISE UP PEOPLE make a stand and FIGHT the oppression!………” Said Sha8doW before being cut off by IPX legal advisors who made the following comment

IPX News Edition 1 - Team IPX Shock loss to team Other

Greetings and welcome to the 1st Edition of IPX news.


Team IPX (8) have gone down to Team Other (11)

Team IPX like always lost the 1st period, down 3 – 0

It seemed that Team Other had done some recruiting and turned up with a few mates who could skate reasonably well…. but they soon learnt to stay away from the corners after some IPX checked their small twiggy frames into the boards.

IPX as always came out fighting in the second, Hashi had a blinder of a game and it seemed to be the best performance from SirDraco to-date

However even with the IPX quick line change tactics, the younger ‘less lived’ bodies of Team Other seemed to keep on like a Duracell bunny!

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Trek 2 - Yellow Rock to Warrimoo

21/10/2006 18:00
Yellow Rock to Warrimoo


This trek was hatched at Kazashi’s quarters, after returning from Trek 1. The team was sitting around the topographic map reviewing Trek 1 and looking at the region in general. A few places of interest were noted Nice Views cache and Fallen Giant cache and a trek was formed. Starting at Yellow Rock we would traverse the fire trails, camp at what would soon become known as Base Camp and head out the next day. With the help of Google Earth and geocaching.com a plan was formed.

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