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Happy Birthday Robag

An oldie but a goodie.

Hope you had a great day Ro!

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Chivalry: Medievel Warfare Review

For anyone that hasn’t tried Chivalry yet, or isn’t convinced here’s a good review of it.

Our very own Harrassment Panda even features in the review… comment below if you see him.

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Merry Christmas Team IPX

morning all,

Merry Christmas. Hope u all have a great day. enjoy your time with family and friends.


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NBA 2K13

Most of you know I’m a big NBA fan… check my steam activity, or previous blog posts re LeQuit. Each year I’ve bought NBA 2K solely for one on one multiplayer. Most years I’ve been disappointed by their inability to get the online part right. Last year they got it much closer to right. But they have so far never got more than 2 players multiplayer right.

UNTIL NOW! This year they have a Quick Team Up option where a minimum of 4 players can play a game where you are randomly assigned a SINGLE player to control from a game that’s going on IRL that day. Shad and I have had a few games and it really works well. You get ratings for how well you play, losing points for being a ball hog, falling over randomly (a guy in one of our games did this… 40+ times lol. Despite being the highest scorer in the game he still got an F. (More after the break)

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LeBron James - The Cleveland Story

so thar were bein’ this lubber named LeBron…

The ornery cuss grew up in Akron, Ohio; not far from Clevelan’. Now Clevelan’ ye see has no nay ne’er won a championship… Not in Basketball (The Cavaliers), not in NFL (The Clevelan’ Browns), an’ not in Baseball (The Clevelan’ Indians).

And when I mean haven’t won a championship… I mean when they lose, they do it in spectacular fashion. I don’t mean they suck… although at stages they have. I mean they’ve put them in position t’ win on several occasions, but have inexplicably managed t’ squander those chances… so much so that these close calls have names….
When I say Michael (in Basketball terms) we all know I’m talkin’ about Michael Jordan. THe same could be said about Shaq… Kobe… or in other sports – Mal, Laurie etc…
Clevelan’ doesn’t have this with their players (except fer one… but I’m gettin’ ahead o’ meself).
Clevelan’ has this fer close calls, by Davy Jones’ locker. Example I hear ye ask, ye scurvey dog? I shall provide…


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Ravaged Beta Update

Just got a 700MB beta update for Ravaged through steam. No details on what’s changed yet… but this can only be good.

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Exactly 5 years ago today

5years and 1 hour ago Team IPX moved from IPX.wetpaint.com to the website as we know it now running on Drupal.

We all remembered this a few days ago sharing our stories and memories thanks to chips appropriately titled holy fark post. I got not much new to saya out it… But I was thinking bout what’s changed in those years.

5 years ago I hated apple, swore I’d only ever own pcs. Today i have no pc, am writing this on an iPad… Bizarre

5 years ago I didn’t own my own home.

I think my memory was better 5 years ago though… Thats about all I remember about 5 years ago.


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New PC, take 2

A few months ago I was ready for a new pc and posted here. For reasons I won’t go into here that got delayed (cough… iPad, $900… Ouch)

On the plus side in that time the gtx 600 series, and ivy bridge CPUs have come out as well as stupidly over priced hard drives have dropped somewhat.

I’ve spent the weekend doing some whirlpool reaserch and come up with the following. Let us know your thoughts.
Specs after the break…

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NBA 2K12 Update Released


These are the full game update notes for the PC version of NBA 2K12.
• Several matchmaking optimizations have been made in order to help users get into games quicker. This will reduce the amount of time the “Searching For Opponent…” screen is displayed for.
• Addressed a number of network errors that would cause games to end prematurely.
• Addressed an issue in Team-Up where certain conditions would lead to a player standing idle for prolonged periods of time.
• Corrected a Win/Loss streak tracking issue such that the “Back to Back to Back” achievement/trophy will now unlock at the proper time.
• Fixed an issue that would cause large-user Team-Up games to hang at halftime if all users watched the halftime show in-full.
• Addressed an issue that would lead to a disconnect in subsequent games when one or more users modified their playbook for the current game.
• A number of Association: Online optimizations were made to greatly minimize disconnects.
• Additionally, general optimization improvements were made in order to improve the overall online experience.

More after the break

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Quake Wars

Anyone up for more Quake Wars tonight? Last night was amazing. I can’t believe how well that game holds up.

Also I don’t suppose anyone has some of the old team photos we did years back. They’ve disappeared from flickr and I wanted to post one here.


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