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RUST UPDATE Devblog 45

Source: http://playrust.com/devblog-45/

SOOOO many updates. List below!

New UI System
We have switched over to Unity’s UI system. It’s not without its problems (which they’re working on) but it’s a lot better than it was.

While I’ve moved the majority of stuff over, please keep in mind that this is just under two weeks of work. I have been concentrating on moving over the most important or most complicated features. So there are things missing – which I’m working on re-implementing.

Menu Screen
We want to make the menu screen less useless. We don’t want it to be a screen that you use to get to another screen, we want to use it to keep you informed. You can see a tiny example of this now, as we link to the 3 latest devblogs.

Server Browser

The server browser is a bit more comprehensive than the previous version. We have lists for LAN servers, favourites and history. You can add a server to your favourites by pressing the star next to its name.

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Svalbard 2014

Hope everyone had a happy new year. For anyone interested, here’s a video compilation of the recent IPX* trip to Svalbard (don’t forget to hit the HD and full screen buttons, its worth it):

Svalbard – The High Arctic from Peter Cox on Vimeo.

Link in case embed doesn’t work: http://vimeo.com/102132581

If you look closely, you can see Shad and I in the boat (I’m the asian guy, Shad’s the asian girl).

*- IPX = For the purposes of this story, IPX = Peter Cox and his associates. Credit where credits due, this lucky bastard got to travel through Svalbard and get some amazing footage from an area I’ve only ever read about or seen pictures of. Check it out.

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NBA 2K15 half price

If anyones interested in getting 2K15, it’s currently half price here: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/167960

Retail is $69.95 US which works out to be about $81 with conversion. $40 at the link above.

2K15 is a whole different beast to 2K14 and earlier on PC. It has a new mode called My Park.

It’s 2 on 2 or 3 on 3, where you control one player. It’s a great arcadey mode that anyone could get into. It would be a lot of fun to have 6+ IPXers in there playing that mode.

Here’s the first video I found on mypark. When I have some time later I’ll post another one…


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Rust looks GOOD!

It’s been a while. No… actually it’s been a LONG while since I’ve played Rust. I’ve been preoccupied with NBA, and other endeavours.

But today I decided it was time to fire up some Rust and see how the new versions going. It looks really good. I haven’t kept up with the Devblog to see all these changes. But it’s very different and looks a heap more playable than last time I joined.

In 10 minutes of playtime I found:

- Some houses – A massive satelite dish, that I climbed to the top of (unsure if human made or part of the map) – Fought a deer – Killed a naked and stole his skull – Spent most of the remaining 9 minutes just staring at the beautiful scenery and wondering where to go – Until I found another house. Banged on its door for a while until a guy with a spear came out, speared me, stole my rock while I was dying, and left me to bleed out.

Think it’s worth giving another go with a bunch of people if anyones interested.



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Happy Belated Bday MM!

Hope you had a great day mate!

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Steam Sales: Chivalry 80% off!

Good deal on Chivalry and it’s addons today. $6.99 will get you the original Chivalry, and Deadliest Warrior.

Just deadliest Warrior is about $2.


For anyone that doesn’t have either yet…. It’s well worth it.

And now…. lets play some Chivalry again!

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Battlefield 3 - On the house

Battlefied 3 appears to be FREE for a short time.


Having played and owned it, I highly suggest you DO NOT GET THIS GAME. It represents all that is evil in PC gaming.

If you do not heed my advice, I suspect you will end up in the same situation as me… owning BF3, but owning none of the $30+ expansion packs, and thus be unable to play on any kind of useful server.

Also the game sucks.

You have been warned. In fact I probably shouldn’t have posted this blog….

Deleting in 3…. 2…. 1…

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Happy Birthday Eldemeer

To the newest Team IPX honoary member, happy birthday!

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New Headset Reccomendations

Morning all,

Our new Honorary Member Eldemeer needs a new mic for gaming.

Shad and I have the G930. Tis nice, about $130. Not the BEST at anything but very convenient with the wireless.


Anyone got any reccomendations? Slacker yours sounds pretty good.


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Happy Birthday LinuxSlacker

Happy Belated Birthday to our very own Linux lover!

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