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Duke3d ME on sale again

some of the best fps from the 90’s. you can get shadow warrior classic redux with duke 3d ME for 6 bucks 4 packs only 12 bucks or just buying for yourself its 4 bucks

they have also pushed dukes MP to the main branch

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Rust - a cross platform FPS/Survival game is now out on steam early access

havent had a chance to play it yet but it should be AWESOME! and only 20bucks too. its made by the same people who made garrys mod and is for all platforms

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Starbound - Dec 4th Beta

15 bucks each 4 packs 45 bucks

i got a 4pack and have shared all my copies with the guys who played on <3shack minecraft(striker envy and jester69). looks kinda like terraria(wish there was an official linux terreria) but much more sci-fi. cross platform should be cool. beta unlocks Dec 4th anyone else picking this up?

other linux news:
* Jagged alliance back in action now in linux beta
* nuclear dawn in linux beta. now works! played with the developer porting it a week ago hes a cool guy
* Rome total war 2 announced for steamOS(linux)
* XCom enemy unknown might be coming to linux(linux depots in the CDR but no official announcement yet. was 75pct off so i got it)
* not sure if i have mentioned this but metro Last Light is out for linux. crashes alot for me but its still the 1st release(they are taking their time to patch it :/)

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Humble Bundle now has a store

sofar 9 titles of wich 5 are for linux and 3 for mac. games are labeled if they are drm free and/or include a steam key(at the moment 5 are drm free and all include a steam key)

i can recommend all the linux titles they all work wonderfully on linux and all are really good.

List of games currently(wow that copy paste worked out great dont have to change a thing)
Steam DRM-free download Mac OS X Windows Linux
$29.99 $14.99
Prison Architect Alpha

Steam DRM-free download Mac OS X Windows Linux
$14.99 $7.49
Rogue Legacy

Steam Windows Linux
$24.99 $6.25
Euro Truck Simulator 2

Steam Windows
$24.99 $6.25
Chivalry: Medieval Warfare

Steam DRM-free download Mac OS X Windows Linux
$14.99 $7.49
Don’t Starve

Steam DRM-free download Windows
$9.99 $4.99

Steam DRM-free download Windows
$14.99 $4.99
The Swapper

Steam Windows Linux
$24.99 $6.25
Natural Selection 2

Steam Windows
$24.99 $6.25

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R.I.P ID software

Qlive Forum Link

ID software has been getting worse and worse past few years but this seems to be the end for Linux support for quake live(from what i read it never worked right on linux anyway) and probably the end for linux and Id software(all their linux devs are gone now even carmack has moved onto the occulus(his position is more cosmetic in ID now))

kinda weird they took Quake3 which was great and broke it and made quake live in the browser and now they are taking it out of the browser and dropping honestly the best feature of quake 3(cross platform support). atleast ioquake3 is still as awesome as ever and steam is doing wonderful things for linux(they just announced total war: rome 2 out on linux next year)

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2013 Steam Sales Dates and metro:last light out now for Linux

lets get the important news out first:

Metro Last light was released for linux. no beta no announcement just a release. it should be a cool game i have seen a playthrough of metro 2033 so im not lost in this one and that game looked awesome. this one people say isnt as good as 2033 but still should be awesome and well worth getting(im downloading it now 8 GB :( )

no more room in hell – direct download link

NOTE: doesnt need a source game to play.

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Linux Occulus RiFT support is now in TF2

after a few issues i finally got TF2 working with my rift after they announced Linux support with the Halloween update and all i can say is WOW

you cant read any writing on the screen because its low res but who cares the 3d is absolutely AWESOME you can look down and see the scout small feet running like crazy you can even look to the left and shoot people to the right :)

Tux :) i swear it looks so much better in 3d

RIFTCEPTION – i wonder if the glowing screen is an indication of if im using the rift

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On Sale NS2

NS2 is on sale:

1 pack is only $6.24 USD
4 pack is only $18.74 USD

sale ends November 2nd

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Humble Bundle With Android 7

new cross platform humble bundle out with a few interesting games

Game List:
* Anodone(
* Greed Corps( version on humble site but not on steam)
* Incredipide( version on humble site but not on steam)
* Ticket to ride + DLC
* Bards Tale( – i got a spare key
* Worms Reloaded( soundtrack downloaded for me sofar :/ i got this before HB) – spare key for this too

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