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My rage about common courtesy

This will be my rage about the mumble server (thank you very much for hosting it Robag! It’s great :-))

The problem is, that certain people don’t use the channels. This pisses me off for the following reasons:

  • You talk about your game, whether everybody else is playing it or not
  • I don’t know what game you are playing. Not such a big deal, as I can just ask. Still pisses me off…
  • Robag spent a bit of time getting those MEGA COOL channels for a reason, please use them!

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#1 reason for getting off work in Australia.

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Wolfenstien : Enemy Territory

I propose we do a W:ET for next prac. Just like Smokin Guns, but a different game :-)

All you need to know about it is located here It’s free, and is less than 500mb for all you need.

This should be a bit more strategic than the death match in Smokin Guns. Good when you have the numbers. If we don’t, we can always play Smokin Guns again.

I haven’t actually asked anybody about this. Hell, Robag’s server might be under maintenance. If this idea is no good, just let me know :-)


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Couldn't Do It

I thought it was too mean :-P


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Holy bandwidth, Batman!

I just found out telecom has upgraded our plan from 20GB to 40GB!

That means I have 12h30m to download 20GB worth of stuff!

What should I get!?

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Mail arrived today...

So my order from futurlec.com.au finally arrived. I got a bunch of stuff including a 1.5v to 5v boost converter from maxim, a smart card and socket, a sheet load of 2.5mm DC power connectors, and my current favourite – the 128 × 64 pixel blue graphics LCD.

I had it up and running in about 20 minutes. I uploaded the example arduino ‘sketch’, and up pops my little LCD!

After a bit of screwing around I decided to have some fun. Clicky here for team-significant photo!

That is the team eagle in 128 × 64 pixel resolution! Okay, so it lost a LOT of detail in the conversion, but I still like it! It would be easy to add a little detail, but this may be the only time I use it :-P.

So yeah, just wanted to show you guys what I got up to this afternoon.


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If you give up, they give up.

Global warming. It’s a killer.


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Badger Badger!

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B0rderlands and My Credit Card


T0day I decided to pull the 0ld credit card 0ut 0f the wallet and get b0rderlands. Free shipping next day delivery!

Steam is being gay t0 us Kiwis and Aussies, and have put the price 0f b0rderlands up t0 $79.99USD. The rest 0f the w0rld pays $49.99USD. T0tal bullshit.

There is a st0re in New Kiwiland where I like t0 buy my games fr0m. It is called Mighty Ape. They have b0rderlands on for $89.99NZD. It isn’t 0n sale or anything, full price… They give great c0mpetitive prices.

S0 yeah, sh0uld receive it by c0urier t0m0rr0w m0rning!

****Microman171 stops with the ‘0’. It is a terrible habit for coders… Imagine the syntax errors with ‘0’ instead of ‘o’!

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Practice nights...

I was reading through the comments about changing practice…

I would think the results were rather inconclusive. Tuesday looks to be the day…

Instead of having 2 votes, fill in this table with an Y for days you can attend, and ‘N’ for days you cant.

Name M T W T F S S Comment
Microman N Y N Y Y Y N Not every prac will be attendable on weekends / fridays.
Silent Y N Y N Y Y Y Not tuesday and thur because of soccer
n0mad N Y Y Y N N N 0k Lets see h0w this Matrix g0es then :P
Willow . . . . . . . will align myself with the majority vote as im not able to take part at all for prac
Kraizen N Y Y Y Y Y N Nyyyyyn :)
Somtin N N N N Y Y N Friday and sats are sweet as, but summer holidays coming up, so I should be able to join in everyday.
kippa n y n y y y y no comment
Robag N Y N Y N N N Sorry for the late response :0
. . . . . . . . comment
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