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Medal of Honor Preview

IGN Preview

n0mad stands at the t0p 0f a hill with a d0ct0r Evil grin and pinky t0 the face…………

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Battlefield Bad Company 2

Beta Has been released into the wild

IGN Preview/Review

You will need an EA account
Select your country = United States
Once you have your beta key in hand

Download from Ausgamers

Yep it’s an0ther EA game with high h0pes…..


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Medal 0f h0n0r

Game Description

Operating directly under the National Command Authority, a relatively unknown entity of handpicked warriors
are called on when the mission must not fail. They are the Tier 1 Operators.

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WOP New Custom Maps

New padman Maps by The Weasel


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Smokin Guns this Tuesday 19/01/2010

Reminder to All IPX who can make it this Tuesday 19/01/2010 will be Smokin Guns Tuesday
All files and info can be found here

Install IT, Practice IT and 0wn IT because IT’s Free and we have our server UP and Running it NOW…..

s0 thanks again to Robag for hosting
Note: Please type “ThanX Robag” when connecting to the Server as U may get auto kicked :P

Cya’s in there…………..

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Zero Gear

n0t because it has a zer0 at the start but because this c0uld actually be a great game t0 multiplayer……………..

0hh and Matt it has Hats…..


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Sacred 2

An0ther Christmas an0ther Search Thru Dem0’s 4 n0mad…..
This game is 1 U pickup and start playing straight away Like I did……
Many things t0 like ab0ut Sacred 2 but I think the c0ncept 0f g0 where ya want d0 what ever missions U want sits well with me….
Als0 the camera is FN awsum ……

s0 Get the Sacred 2 dem0 check it 0ut and set ya graphics card 2 it’s highest settings…..
0hh and there’s Multiplayer 2…………


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WOP 2009 X-Mas Mod

Another Year, still no WoP 2.0. But a new version of the X-Mas mod to save the day! And maybe year, at least the month.

World Of Padman 2009 X-Mas Mod

To install the mod extract the xmas folder into your World of Padman directory. If you still got the old version of the mod you can remove that before the installation.

s0 what are ya waiting 4 g0 get sum WOP X-Mas acti0n…..


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Read the Full Story Here at Distrowatch

The SheevaPlug is an ARM-based computer with a 1.2 GHz processor, 512 MB of RAM and 512 MB of Flash memory, a Gigabit Ethernet port and a USB host connector, all rolled into the tiny form factor of a wall-wart power adapter.

Manufacturer – GlobalScale Technologies

The possibilities are endless but the concept has been around a long while, most routers have this built in now days.
s0 with so many uses for such a small device what would you use it for ?


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As U may be aware I like my RPG games and every n0w and then I say
“Why can’t I just Kill things, l00t and Level up with0ut reading t0ns 0f text”

Well that game has arrived in the vain/style 0f the 0ld Diablo
actually d0ing justice t0 it and that game is Torchlight

Now US$19.99 ain’t a bad price f0r this simple yet effective game but
f0r this weekend 0nly it’s 50% off making it US$9.99 Sale Ended

I would highly rec0mmend U jump at it if y0u like ya RPG games simple but 0hh s0 much addictive….

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