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Maptor Cadget


Maptor is this wonderful combination of a map and projector that (predictably) projects the desired map onto any surface.

n0w add a mini PC running Linux and Padman and ya g0t a sweat system…………..
Imagin sitting 0n the train and gaming padman pr0jected 0n the Wall/Ceiling…………..

Als0 I see the p0rn pr0tential f0r Shad :P

g0 g0 gadget PADMAN…………..


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Foxtel Download

g0t Fast Br0adband c0nnecti0n – Check
g0t Foxtel 0r kn0w 0f s0me0ne wh0 has – Check


Downl0ads available are based 0n your existing Foxtel packages
Sum Movies and 0ther c0ntent have a CHARGE t0 y0ur existing Foxtel Acc0unt “NOT ALL FREE

So my tw0 cents
FREE c0ntent but;
A) – Can’t find anything I w0uld want t0 d0wnl0ad
B) – U get 2 Epis0des 0f T0p Gear – What THE ?
C) – C0ntent is l0cked within it’s 0wn player
D) – Sum c0ntent has an expiry date f0r viewing

So give it a try and I may have unlocked the player/files by n0w :P


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Painkiller SPECIAL 0n Steam

What d0es $30.00 bucks get ya n0w days…..

h0w ab0ut the best FN 0ld sk00l FPS plus 2 Expansi0ns Packs plus the yet 2 B released Painkiller: Resurrection
Steam Painkiller: Resurrection SPECIAL
That’s right U get;

The Orig0nal – Painkiller
The Expansion Pack – Battle Out of Hell
an0ther Expansion Pack – Painkiller Overdose
And the New – Painkiller: Resurrection

Been thinking 0f this game al0t when discussing 0ld sk00l FPS and while seeing the usual BORING Steam specials this comes along…..

D0uble gr0use….
Triple gr0use…..
This is gr0use to the 4……..

Vide0 – Plus Metal Music

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L4D: Death Aboard FINAL

Just a reminder to all those playing L4D that the free Campaign
Death Aboard has been updated to Final V7.0

Update yaself here

Als0 any0ne else f0und any new FREE Maps/DLC f0r L4D ?

bL00D has already updated ;P

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God Clan again

God Clan have been pestering me for many years while playing Padman, and as many of U know
they have never 1 a game against me or any other IPX players who play Padman.

They now are trying to smear my name in ETQW forcing me to post here

I ask Team IPX to support me in this forum post and remind Nomad121 who is the real n0mad

BRING IT ON………………….

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IGN Borderlands Review

I highly praise IGN f0r telling us “GamerZ” what is wr0ng with a game with0ut sugar c0ating it and talking up a game with0ut atleast play testing it.

So if U are 0bsessed with this game like me check0ut
Further into the Borderlands Impressions after several hours of play with Gearbox’s shooter for loot hunters.

Really one of my favorite bits of the game – and it’s pretty nerdy, but considering the subject matter, I figure that’s ok – is how the user interface is set up. There are numbers everywhere in Borderlands

mmmmm n0mberZ


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Setting up Arctic Assalt (Alpha 2)

TEAM IPX ETQW MAP PACK – V2.1 can be found here

With the release 0f each Map pack y0u will need t0 rem0ve previous versi0ns 0f each Map
s0 if U have Installed Map Pack V1 you will need to do the following to enable Arctic Assalt (Alpha 2);

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Total Solar Eclipse 22/07/09

Source ShadowandSubstance

Millions of people in India, China, and other parts of Asia will witness a total solar eclipse on July 22, 2009. Cities such as Surat, in India,
as well as Chengdu, Shanghai, and Wuhan, in China, will experience the eclipse’s totality.

Source TimeandDate

Looks like we only get a high M00n………..

Checkout Stellarium

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Baby Girl n1mad

To all IPX, Mr & Mrs n0mad are happy 2 ann0unce the arrival of baby girl n1mad
b0rn: 07/07/09 at 6:43pm
Weighing in at 7 LBS and 1 1/2 OZ (3210 GMS)

Mum is well and Dad n0w has s0me0ne else in the h0use t0 teach Padman – well maybe in a few years time…..

Cya all s00n………………..

She is dreaming 0f Padman me think

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A deadline of Friday 29th May will be set to get your GUID logged with GA…..
GA Link Here

Just a reminder to All IPX in the ETQW ladder that GA require your GUID be added to your Profile…..

How to get your GUID
Join a game, give it 30 seconds to connect to pb. In console type in “pb_myguid”
Write that down on paper or type in the console “condump pbguid”

It will make a pbuid.txt file of your console in Documents/ETQW/Base folder
Open that up, your id should be somewhere towards the bottom, copy and paste it.

Where to Put your GUID
Then on these forums open your profile button (just under the Competitions button top right corner).
Edit your profile and paste your GUID into the space provided near the bottom.
Save it and that’s all you need to do.

As IPX supports all measures to Stop Cheating & Alias in all games, we trust all IPX will

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