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Legend of Grimrock - time t0 supp0rt sum indie Dunge0n Crawling at it's finest

Legend of Grimrock website

As many 0f U kn0w I enj0y a g00d RPG mainly due t0 an 0ld game called Eye of the Beholder that intr0duced sum dunge0n crawling but with interesting puzzles, traps and hidden levers everywhere that had y0u guessing and thinking at every turn.

Well the small team at Almost Human have put sum hart and s0le int0 LoG and it n0w has a release date and sum savings t0 th0se wh0 pre0rder……..

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Things to do in Skyrim

While sum 0f us are running ar0und killing things 0thers are having way t00 much fun….

w00ps I f0rg0t the minimum w0rd c0unt f0r Utube Vids 0k here g0es

while playing skyrim I f0und al0t 0f fun things t0d0 while w0ndering ar0und the vast wilderness and t0wns and m0untains 0f Skyrim.
n0thing m0re fun than testing the realism 0f this game but yer the ab0ve vids sh0wcase sum 0f the fun that can be had…..

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Australia gets cl0ser t0 a R18 Rating f0r Games

S0arce: http://www.r18games.com.au/

Nearly there we are s0 cl0se
0hh and d0n’t get me started 0n h0w g00d Syndicate is and h0w much we are missing 0ut……

Still eating these

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Best And Worst Super Bowl 2012 Commercials

Well the America Superb0wl 2012 came and went very fast this year, amazing game but hey I kn0w my stuff s0 where are the Funny c0mmercial hiding well;

Link 1) – Top 5
Link 2) – Top 5
Link 3) – All 52 Commercials

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World Of Padman V1.6 Released


We need to advise GA to update there Servers, IPX please p0st here we need y0ur supp0rt – http://www.gamearena.com.au/forums/SuggestionsFeedback/viewtopic.php?t=1...

After a l0ng sleep in, yer I needed it, I awake t0day t0 find 0ut that World 0f Padman V1.6 has just been released yaaaaaa…..
As many 0f U kn0w this game is Frigin Amazing and U 0we it t0 y0urself t0 install this free game…

Step 1
Download the Windows Installer
File Size: 900MB

Step 2
Download the Windows 1.6 Patch
File Size: 117MB

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n0mad's g0ing 0n h0lidays

m0rning All

Firstly I w0n’t be ar0und much these h0liday’s as the missus has planned a n0mad h0liday away s0 please NO GAMING GIFTS f0r the n0mad
I w0n’t get t0 play em and als0 please gift s0me0ne y0u can game with….
Als0 I think Skyrim and Dead Island will l00se m0st 0f my gaming time I may have next year…..

Sec0undly Well what a year and it’s s00n time f0r a year in review f0r TEAM IPX in 2011, each year I put t0gether a year in review and like last year Team IPX in 2010
big thumbs up to Matt f0r helping 0ut last year it w0uld be great if s0me0ne can assist in the w0rk l0ad n0thing t00 maj0r just t0 remind me 0f highlights f0r the year I might miss….
Just Send me a PM that U wish t0 help and We will make a time next week bef0re New Years Day t0 get it d0ne….

Thirdly I w0uld like t0 wish all IPX a Merry XMAS again and a safe New Year….

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Happy Fathers Day

Just like to wish all the IPX Dad’s a Happy Fathers Day
and I trust they all got a special gift from there Wives and Daughters/Sons….

The n0mad Family

0hh and yer I g0t a Best Dad in the w0rld Mug

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Borderlands Steam 75% Off

Borderlands Special

Borderlands Steam 75% Off
sum great value there….

Grab me 0n steam I’m up 4 a game…..


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n0mad's must ann0unce Links 5by5

n0mad’s links f0r the week 5by5;

1) – Skyrim c0lledt0r’s editi0n is 0n it’s way and I have pre0rdered mine (Steam versi0n n0 m0d supp0rt)…
2) – w0rld 0f Planes Did U enj0y W0rld 0f Tanks ? well this is fr0m the same Team….
3) – B0rderlands 2 better have a better ending 0r we unleash the SHAD
4) – Three Awesome Non-Apple Tablets screw U APPLE I eat Apples f0r…. Wait I hate Apples :P ….
5) – Final Destination 5 c0mming s00n 2 cinema’s near U….

Well that’s my 5by5 whats y0urs ?


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Just Cause 2 $20 Bucks and n0w with First Person Mod

I menti0ned Just Cause 2 a few m0nths ag0
and while I have been playing it in 3rd pers0n view and enj0ying the games freed0m, I really wished it had First Pers0n view
Well guess what, Kaii has made a m0d t0d0 just that;

JC2FPS – THE JC2 First Person Mod

If y0u haven’t played JC2 and U feel the need the need f0r speed then grab the game fr0m Steam f0r $20 Bucks and grab the m0d free….


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