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US Air Force forms first Robot Fighter Air Wing

Just when you thought using a flyer drone would get you nowhere ?



“The drones can fly for over 14 hours before refuelling and operate at up to 50,000 feet and carry up to three tons of ordinance”

Does this mean next game you play in ET:QW may be real :)

Former X-Wing players please stand up

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Carmageddon Is the Best

I may have been out of line when I mentioned Ultimate Race is better than Carmageddon in any way shape or form even multiplayer,
Gee I miss the fun, What was I thinking, Kazashi was right to haul me through hot coals, therefore in reflection, accept my video reminder


Even the mighty Fall

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Save Fallout 3

Signed Petition Submited TOTAL OF 3077 NAMES

UPDATE:The Fallout 3 petition is now closed. The Attorney General has been sent your letter of protest, and all 3077 names who signed our petition


Please sign the above Petition to save Fallout 3, this will take 6 seconds and U can tell me ya
signed up therefore stopping me from asking U every few seconds in IRC…..

Don’t Care, well still sign up Please……

Trailer 2 can be found here

Padman is coming, THIS FRIDAY………….

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Skullz Win Season 1 Finals

Special Thanx to Evil of Team Wolverine for use of his above pic

Well after a long wait we finally got to see Skullz triumph over “E”
Skullz 2-0 over E

Maps Played

Well done to Pinge and his Quake Wars TV Server an experience that will not
be forgotten and hopefully more ET:QW/Pinge TV to come.

Skullz Skullz Skullz Skullz

This should be a weekly event

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Battlefield Heroes Whats Your Thoughts ?


Gamespot Quick First Impressions

Ok I’m thinking Padman meets ET:QW but maybe thats too much to ask……….

Minimum Specs
Did I mention Free
Can you complain it’s free ?

Big Minus
Third Person View Only (Try playing Padman in T.P.V and you’ll soon hate that view)
You want an upgrade Sorry You gunna have to cough up some dough/mulla for those nike runners
Ads everywhere, on loading, during gameplay, everywhere………………………
Did I mention No First Person View

Anyway, I’m wondering what you guys think ?

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Space-Based Solar Power

The magnitude of the looming energy and environmental problems is significant enough to warrant
consideration of all options, to include revisiting a concept called Space Based Solar Power (SBSP)
first invented in the United States almost 40 years ago.

The basic idea is very straightforward: place very large solar arrays into continuously and intensely
sunlit Earth orbit (1,366 watts/m2) , collect gigawatts of electrical energy, electromagnetically beam
it to Earth, and receive it on the surface for use either as baseload power via direct connection to the
existing electrical grid, conversion into manufactured synthetic hydrocarbon fuels, or as low‐intensity
broadcast power beamed directly to consumers. A single kilometer‐wide band of geosynchronous
earth orbit experiences enough solar flux in one year to nearly equal the amount of energy containe
within all known recoverable conventional oil reserves on Earth today.

I could go on but download the full thing from

We are going to see the first Prototype in orbit in 2009
Delivering 10-25 megawatt beam down to earth

By the sounds of things(and a bit of research) Japan is very interested and may have already
started on there own Project.

Australia, ditch the tower in the middle of Australia and maybe look skywards.


N0t t00 w0ried about draining the Power Grid to power his Supa C0mputers anym0re

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Team IPX add yourself to the qwtracker

Furthermore to my blog at

We now have us updated at

You will need to register at

Once Registered and Logged In update your


Clan Settings
Clanname: Team IPX
Password: ##### ASK Fuzz or n0mad #####

Now lets see the Combat Statistics for the entire Team.


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It's amazing what a litle Alcohol can do

Ok, so I’m adhering to Rule 45 and I’m surfing 30 windows and closing one at a time after searching
all over the web and yep stumbled across this one;


This is the kind of shit us D&D players really enjoy…..

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IPX Team Photo

Hey All,

Well here it is, the official IPX Team Photo
(More to Follow when I get a free second GOD DAMMIT…)


See if you can find ltmon

Where’s Shad no seriously we can’t find him

ltmon you Covert Ops you

The Team

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Padman Screenshot

Hey all,

Just been looking at the screen shots on the World of Padman Website

I think we should submit a team IPX Padman screen shot, what that is i don’t know right now…
My thinking is we submit Screen shots to a Forum link then have a vote about which one to submit…

What do you guys think and we should be able to vote the best screenshot to submit……

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