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Happy Fathers Day

Just like to wish all the IPX Dad’s a Happy Fathers Day
and I trust they all got a special gift from there Wives and Daughters/Sons….

The n0mad Family

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Christmas 2010 Gaming List

With Christmas ar0und the c0rner (Under 4 m0nths) what games are y0u awaiting t0 play ?

n0mad’s Pick

Padman V1.5
Great Free game, w0uld live in there if I had the ch0ice :P

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Impressions
RPG acti0n, If y0u haven’t played The Witcher Enhanced Edition I w0uld highly rec0mmend it
great gameplay and I w0uld have 2 say the best st0ry and adult c0ntent in a game I have ever played.

Diabl0 3
May n0t make this Christmas but here’s a vide0 fr0m Gamesc0m
that really explains where there team is at…….

s0 there’s my t0p 3, whats y0urs ?


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Tomorrow, When the War Began


Well where t0 start,
Have I seen it – n0,
d0 I want 2 see it – Yes
It’s Australian :P

Full review here
s0 whats my gut feeling here, well as a fan 0f Steel Dawn and allr0und surviv0r m0vies
I h0pe there might be sum fun t0 be had here, it is shame that the acti0n budget maybe l0w but asl0ng as they win
(Well s0me0nes gunna get captured) and I C sum real surviv0r battle plans this c0uld be abit 0f fun………
s0 any0ne else gunna check this 0ut ?

Actually I was ment t0 menti0n Red Dawn ab0ve but put in an0ther fav0rite 0f mine Steel Dawn,
anyway if y0u haven’t seen Red Dawn check0ut the link ab0ve 0r g0 hire it as it’s a great Surviv0r m0vie………
“Get the 12 gauge and l0ts 0f batteries”


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Steel Series Merc Stealth

Well after searching the gl0be f0r a gaming m0use and finding the SteelSeries Ikari m0use (See Fuzz’s blog) and having spent an0ther 5 m0nths l00king f0r a replacement keyb0ard, w0uld y0u believe the answer lied in the SteelSeries brand 0nce again. I have n0w been using this keyb0ard f0r 0ver 12 m0nths and after many pr0ding by fell0w members can n0w tell U 0f it’s w0nders.

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USB t0 SATA/IDE C0mb0 Kit

Think Geek

N0 c0mputer geek sh0uld be with0ut 0ne

This l00ks awsum…..

Kazashi y0ur th0ughts ?


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IPX Challenge 01 - 200 Svalbards

t0day’s challenge if you wish to accept it is;

In the current Team IPX Monthly Newsletter 14 0ne 0f the links is not working
If you can find the link and be the first to post the answer BELOW you will be awarded with 200 Svalbards…..

So get cracking and n0te n0ne 0f the BOD are elligable, sorry guys but I know Fuzz has seen this and is editting as we speak….


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Jumb0 Cupcake

Arrived h0me t0 find that the missus had been sh0ping 0nline
I ain’t c0mplaining

All I can say is 25 Times the size of regular cupcakes

Linkage for All


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0ne 0f the best FPS ever is Painkiller just a great game made by
the guys at People Can Fly anyway I’m here t0 tell U 0f a new pr0ject they are w0rking 0n;

A Sneak Bulletstorm Review can be f0und here IGN Sneak Bulletstorm Review

Anyway I await this with Anticipation since the Guys at People Can Fly made an awsum game in Painkiller can they win me 0ver again, 0nly time will tell.

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CoolerMaster CM Storm Sentinel Gaming Mouse

Insert Cool Pic with Flashing Lights

Sentinel Pics
Sentinel Review

Price AU$75.00

m0rning All,

Been hearing sum great things ab0ut this m0use and th0ught I might advise all 0f h0w c00l this thing is,
n0 I ain’t g0t my hands 0n it yet but aim t0 s00n en0ugh.

S0 whats makes a great gaming m0use.

1) Once setup n0 drivers (all configs & DPI Settings st0red 0nb0ard) – Tick
This is perfect f0r Linux gaming, c0nfigure the m0use 0n Wind0ws then b00t up ya linux machine and walla ready t0g0.
Als0 perfect f0r th0se wh0 still g0t0 Lans this is ideal.

2) Comfortable Rating – Tick
Based 0n it’s design it l00ks like a Tick ?

3) Configurable in all ways sideways – BIG TICK
Also you can UPLOAD your Own TEAM Logo and display it in all its glory on the OLED profile management screen.
This l00ks AWSUM GR0USE

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Unigine Benchmark Software FREE

With the arrival 0f Shad’s new system
Lets d0 sum Benchmarking

Unigine Benchmark Software

Heaven Benchmark
OS: Windows
Support of DirectX 9, DirectX 10, DirectX 11 and OpenGL

Tropics Benchmark
OS: Windows & Linux
Support of DirectX 9, DirectX 10, DirectX 10.1 and OpenGL

Sanctuary Benchmark
OS: Windows & Linux
Support of DirectX 9, DirectX 10 and OpenGL

Being a fan of ISLANDS lets c0mpare the Tropics Benchmark between 0ur system

Test 01
API: Direct X 9
Resolution: 1600 × 1200
Mode: FullScreen
Ant-Alising: Off
Shadres: High
Anisotropy: 4
Reflection: On
Ambient Occlusion: Off

Test 02
API: Direct X 9
Shaders: high
Tessellation: DISABLED
Anisotropy: 4
Anti-aliasing: 4x
Full screen: ON
Resolution: 1280×1024


Post y0ur results below

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