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Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed

m0rning fell0w gamers,

Rarely d0 I talk ab0ut big Corp0rate Games especially 0ne fr0m the likes 0f SEGA but
It’s time t0 wipe the dust 0ff ya PC XBOX Contr0llers because PC gaming n0w has a c0ns0le game w0rth playing fr0m SEGA

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Happy New Year

Wishing all TeamIPX a pr0sper0us and fun gaming year to all…….


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12/12/12 - 12:12:12 - Where was U ?

Yep it’s an0ther magic date and time in a few minutes…

S0 my questi0n is – Where were U 0n the 121212121212?


0hh and my answer

I was: sitting at w0rk thinking maybe the Mayan’s knew s0methink we d0nt ?

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Seasick Steve

As music gets Aut0 tuned and hit s0ngs bec0me 0ne liners it’s the real musician U never hear 0f, the guys wh0 can play and I mean play with0ut the band and just sh0w that music can be fun can be enj0yed when stripped d0wn…

Seasick Steve is s0me0ne I w0uld pay t0 see live in a PUB


3 Strings is all he needs

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Painkiller Hell & Damnation

I g0 0n ab0ut Painkiller but it’s an awsum single player sh00ter with sum really great AI t0 train ya twitching but B warned this is n0t f0r the faint heart’ed this shit g0es 0ff and with a big METAL bang……

The new game features Multiplayer but If U have never player Painkiller get it, get any 0f them, get em all, they are all great

Painkiller Complete Pack

HALLOWEEN SALE! : $7.49 – 1 Day 0nly
Flashing Text ab0ve n0t flashing as Fuzz said “NO” many m00ns ag0

all and each 0f em 10/10

And yes the music is always Metal

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The Humble Indie Bundle 6

Torchlight Torchlight Torchlight what m0re can I say this game is awsum and number 2 is ar0und the c0rner s0 get sum Torchlight int0 ya…
n0mad Review here and me explaining why Torchlight 2 will easily beat Diabl03 here and to get 0ver the minimum w0rd c0unt I add this w0rd….EPIC…


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Beta is here, Multiplayer FUN..

Established in 2009, 2 Dawn Games is a team of AAA game and indie developers dead set on bringing the fun back to games. Our team is made up of passionate gamers who have worked on games such as Desert Combat, DCON, the Battlefield series and more. We want this game to be fun and without the restrictions of a publisher, we can support the community the way we want to.

Ravaged is a online multiplayer-only first person shooter game set upon a post-apocalyptic Earth devastated by natural disasters caused by the sun’s solar flares. Engage in battle with weapons and vehicles in fierce, never-ending combat scenarios that involve skill-based gameplay and team objectives.

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Wipe0ut/Wipe0utHD/X-Tree g0ld and Mad Paced PC Games

Back in the d0s game days and in the time 0f the s0und blaster pr0
and X-Tree g0ld
lived a simple game called Wipe0ut and it was fast paced and had excellent techn0 backing music t0 g0 with it, I even rec0rded sum 0f the tracks f0r my mix tape, labeled MIX TAPE 1995 anyway m0ving 0n, I really liked the Fast Pace 0f this game and haven’t really c0me acr0ss anything that c0uld match it until the 0ther day I was sitting quietly 0n a bean bag at a friends place and he fired up is playstati0n 3, me never 0wning a c0ns0le (WII = Mari0 Kart and the PS2 is kara0ke) I said what b0ring sh00tem up with n0 hit b0xes and very little real challenge t0 Us PC gamers are U g0ing t0 sh0w me this week and he replied

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Because We May

Because We May

Sum great disc0unted games f0r Andr0id, Linux, PC and even i0s……….

SALE ENDS 1st 0f June


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Torchlight2 over diablo3

S0 a friend said I’ll get Diablo3 and y0u sh0uld c0me ar0und t0night and check it 0ut….
Firstly U must c0nnect t0 a server even t0 play the single player and if U want t0 c0nnect t0 a server well g00d luck there as U can’t well U can but if all the players t00k a screensh0t sh0wing it happened well U might have maybe 10 f0r say 10 h0urs 0f Err0r messages….

s0 is Diabl0 3 w0rth U dr0pping $69.00 0f y0ur hard earned cash….
Simply answer is n0……

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