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Left 4 Dead crazy crazy crazy Xmas Give Away

Robag has been bitten by the xmas bug

he is now giving away a free copy of (free as in beer) L4D to the next person who PM him

start time 10:50AM 24/12/2008


And the Winner is BloodStorm Wed, 24/12/2008 – 13:37
Merry Christmas BloodStorm Enjoy l4Dead

All Robag will need is an e-mail address to send the gift by steam

Merry Xmas



Hashy and N0mad are already winners, could you pls pm me an e-mail address to send the gift 2 :)

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Team-IPX V's Team Egg W0P

late night W0P team death match

Team IPX members

Hit the Game Arena Spray You Colors Server
For a bit of W0p it action

omfg Team IPX brought the W0p It smake down to clan EGG OMG

pls see screeny

Thank you to clan EGG



For the target practice

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Hi all
W0W check it out

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Team IPX ETQW Server at Home

Hi All

Here is my work so far on a ETQW server at home
I have added the page under Gaming

But here is a direct link

I will post the ETQWProMod change when they are done :)

OMG i am such a G33K


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The challenger: Angry Penguins

The challenger: Angry Penguins
The defender: Team IPX
Match Status: Challenge Sent
Response deadline: 12:58am 10/7/2008

Who are the Angry Penguins

Team Name: Angry Penguins
Tag: aP+
URL: http://
Founder: ParaBoLa
Formed: 12th May, 2008
Description: #tap on AusIRC

Team Members
GameArena Tag Status Join Date
Chevron Captain 12/5/2008
Cong 21/6/2008
Darksparrow 17/6/2008
Disco 20/5/2008
FigJam 15/5/2008
ParaBoLa Captain &
Founder 12/5/2008
sHint Captain 16/5/2008
spyside Captain 13/5/2008
toe++ Captain 5/7/2008
Torres 6/7/2008
Volta 12/5/2008

Previous Results
Opponent Result Score Match Date
S*Club 7 Loss 1 – 2 (Angry Penguins Forfeited) 08:00pm 25/6/2008

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just to keep it on the front page

Hi all

Remember your key binds

great work all


ETQWPro from Memory the GA and TW server are running 0.55b
download link

where to put the files
@:\Program Files\id Software\Enemy Territory – QUAKE Wars\etqwpro


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Quake Wars - trailer (Projectile Dysfunction)

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New Gaming Rig

Hi All
seeing that LT’s mouse blog got things going
Here are the parts for my new gaming rig

Please feel free to comment

Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 CPU, 2.40 GHz, FSB 1066MHz, 2×4MB L2 Cache, Socket LGA775
Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600, 2.40 GHz Clock Speed, FSB 1066MHz, 2×4MB L2 Cache, Socket LGA775. Intel 965 or 975 motherboard chipset required

ABIT IX38 QuadGT M/board – Intel X38, 1600MHz FSB, DDR2-1066, Dual PCI-E x16, SATAII RAID, GbE LAN, USB2.0, 1394, 8-Ch Audio, ATX
ABIT IX38 QuadGT M/board – Intel X38 / ICH9R, 1600MHz FSB, DDR2-1066, Dual PCI-E x16, 1 x PCI-E x16 (x4 bandwidth), 1 x PCI-E x1, 2 x PCI, SATAII RAID, GbE LAN, USB2.0, 8-Ch Audio, ATX, 2 x eSATA, IEEE 1394, 100% Solid State Capacitors, External CCMOS button, Extendor Silent Dual Pipe Cooling, PCI-E 2.0 with CrossFire support, Onboard On/Off and Reset buttons, HDMI Ready Header (S/P DIF Header)

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Guide to myconfig.cfg for ETQW

Hi all
Here is a more indepth overview of how i got my binds to work

path to myconfig.cfg
\My Documents\id Software\Enemy Territory – QUAKE Wars\base\myconfig.cfg

use WORDPAD to create and edit file.

seta net_clientPunkbusterEnabled “1”
seta ui_clanTagPosition “1”
seta ui_clanTag “ – ^4I^7P^AX”
seta ui_name “Robag”
seta com_allowconsole “1”
seta g_skipintro “1”
seta com_videoRam “512”
seta r_useThreadedRenderer “2”
seta g_advancedHud “1”
bind “w” “_voice” “” “default”
seta g_playTooltipSound “0”
seta g_tooltipVolumeScale “-20”

path to autoexec.cfg
\My Documents\id Software\Enemy Territory – QUAKE Wars\sdnet\robag\base\autoexec.cfg

Replace robag with your ETQW Profile name
The placement of the file is very important.
Otherwise the “profile.cfg” and “bindings.cfg” will reapply the default keybinds.
if you remove “profile.cfg” and “bindings.cfg” files ETQW will replace them the next time you run the game

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