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Holy Crap

Get a load of the save by Martin Broduer and then the Skater who saves the San Jose’s tenders arse!

Admin Edit: If you don’t know what you’re doing, don’t put html into your posts.

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I hereby tender my resignation, effective forthwith….

And you can serve it to that monument in the office over there.


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WTF with Shad

so you wanna hear shad rant?
give him a topic, fire him up and listen away!

This episode, Moron Chuntbunglers not using the site or irc

WTF With Shad #1

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Team IPX Coffee Cups

Ok… Here is the Design for the Team IPX Coffee Cups

The Front

The Back

(Back graphic is optional)
All cups are standard White Ceramic Mugs.
Retail at $22.50

Who’d buy one? What are peoples opinions?

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And another thing


Its the best way of communicating with everyone REAL TIME!

We are a team… USE THE TEAM TOOLS!

(very pissed off)

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Sha8ds Pissed... So it's time for a rant

After having probably the worst experience of MORONS on a game of ET:QW. Ive decided to write a letter to ID or whoever made the game…
well to screw off this Friends dealie and replace it with a “Moron Numptys” dealie

that way i can filter out all the servers with TKing morons, and morons that only go as snipers when the map calls for engies (could you believe that the server was full and NOT 1 person was building the bridge? except me, and NO one was supporting me either)
so anyway… id rather use the dealie to know where the MORONS are so i can stay away!

ill also put in the letter, WTF is the deal with the water? so much and so useless… and I want to THROW my knife MORONS

anyone else got the sheets?

(he who has had it up to here with Morons)

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Ok, this poster pretty much sums up our ETQW focus….

Let the comments flow……….
(I actually think chip may have found it, but I’m not sure if you all have seen it)


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Mancans! (Qantas club)

MANCANSWTF is with that?
weve all seen the ads, I just saw a sign/bill board for it!

I think MOFO has hidden their adenda in custard filled campagine (love that word) that is MANCANS!

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Howdy from the Qantas Club!

Howdy fellas
im sitting in the qantas club, wasting some time!
thought id say Hi yall
hope youse can keep it up without me!

i wont do it… but i had a thought about our marketing campagine!

i walk round and log every computer onto
then run away!

cya’ll soon

PS, here at the qantas club the transperancy on the eagle on the corner doesnt work!
its the straight white square with the eagle!

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Recruitment Drive

I would like peoples opinions on an IPX Recruitment Drive?

Do we need to recruit?
How many should we recruit?
What are we looking for?


you know what i mean, and i want thoughts…. Ashi VALUE ADD!
no fence sitting in this one people ZEN IT UP and comment!

No matter what we do, of course we need to recruit people who we know and get along with, such as we did with Chipper/ltmon.

Also Chip/ltmon, I need your home addresses!
gotta send you something (don’t worry I’am not trying to sell Amway!)

also ashi, whats the status of Hashi?

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