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On this day!

the phrase Screw Norway was coined!

9 Feb 1920 the Svalbard Treaty was signed, passing Svalbards control completely to, and forming it part of the Kingdom of Norway!

Click the link to find out more… and remember SCREW NORWAY

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Potential new game…


Just released NOW – $11.99US from steam (20% off atm – Regularly $14.99US)

(Wish I was home to buy – See you all next week!)

Copy of the steam Page Write up Below:

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Question… Don’t you hate stopovers!?
I’d make a poll, but we got one already!
People need to vote on that! (boy)

anyway I’ll be traveling (till the 26) I estimate that I’ll be out of contact the entire time. So best of luck with the match and other activities! I lookforward to getting back into it when I get back (I’m looking forward to my 1 month holiday comming up soon)

I leave you in the more then capable hands (tho fat fingered in one case) of the remaining BoD!

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had you eva been dro drunk@!?


Mumble 70:1pm cbr time
ran out of muony! come chat!@ soo funy!

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Sha8doW's MAME Arcade Machine

So, It arrived today….

My Arcade Machine
At the moment, the machine is a JAMMA cabinet. I.E it works (minus the joysticks/buttons being wired in) so if I wanted to I could connect the buttons and joysticks and play “superman” ready to play.
What I am about to embark upon is the conversion of this cabinet into a MAME machine.
Using a number of cool items, ill be plugging a PC into this cabinet and running the PC and multiple arcade games through the cabinet using the sticks etc

So more updates to follow, peoples are invited to come visit and have some fun putting it together, I’ve got all the bits, just need to connect it all up and get the PC working.
More photos in the post.

I’ll keep you all posted… guess we are gunna rock on at shads 30th

Uploaded with

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LOL COD Black Ops Epic Fail

Read the article, then watch the video!
The bit about consoles being the problem, its funny…. but true

Nuff said

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The person who created the the “teamipx facebook page” has about 30 minutes to destroy all trace of it upon the interwebs…. otherwise, the little girl from “the ring” will come out of the computer screen, kick your ass right about 3 seconds after Shad kicks you from Team IPX!

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/start rant


if you book a taxi to pick you up at 5:15, it means they are at your house at 5:15 give or take a few…. It does NOT mean they leave the depot, half an hour away, at 5:15

f-ing usless

anyone else had any bad taxi experiances, it might make my day a little better!

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I can see clearly now the black theme has gone.
I can see all the obsticals without pink in the way.
All of you need start helping with the website.
Or there is gunna be a cull.
A Cull
a cull, unless you’ve got a task by the end of the day….

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Dirt2 Colin McRae - Corrupt Autosave file savegame fix

I turn on the game today to find my “Autosave file corrupt”
Boy was I pissed having almost completed the game…

Did a little Google work… found a solution

1. Copy the “savegame” folder (documents/my games/Dirt2/savegame) to a safe place.
2. Start the game and create a new profile (yay for unskippable cut scenes and setups) complete the first race (win or lose doesn’t matter)
4. Quit the game.
5. Open the new “savegame” folder, paste your old “PB” folders in this new folder.
6. Open the new “autosafe” folder and paste your old “PGRRLTKJNZI” file in this new folder.

Problem fixed, as far as i can see NO loss of information

(that will learn me for hitting the X button to shut the game down from now on aye)

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