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Happy New Year

Happy New Year All! (early)
I’ve decided to go away for a few days, which means I’ll be out of town till maybe the 2nd (maybe the 1st) – I’d like to say I’m going to hang with my mates… but it appears they all went camping and drinking and I wasn’t invited! – Nice!

anyway, I’m all purchased up for Secret Santa… so never fear (Ill gift em when I return) (some good specials out there)

So, happy new year! Be safe, be merry…. and I hope you dont get shopped by your mates!

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Jimquisition - SOPA (note this video has VERY coarse language and adult themes)

A great video rant from Jimquisition from the Escapist (which most of you would know about from the Yahtzee Zero Punctuation reviews) in relation to the god awful SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) – which has gone too far!
worth a watch, but be aware of the VERY coarse language and adult themes

Click here for the Wikipedia page for the SOPA for your further reading…

(I’m sure this one is going to fire up a few people)

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Shads Party Update (Rant)

a large number of people are YET to send a response to the invite!

Pretty lame guys!

2 days left!

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Shads party update

For those who have received invites and responded, thankyou!
For those still yet to RSVP, the due date quickly approaches! And a lack of response will be severely punished!!!!

For those comming and For those who don’t think it’s worth it, or undecided I have an update for you…
Today I returned from the liquor store with the necessary alcoholic beverage supply… The bill total was $1060.89
I forgot a few bottles… I need to go back!

We are gunna have fun, still time to sen your RSVP!

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Dinner with spuddy!

Epic pizz and garlic prawns in Adelaide with spuddy!
Haven’t laughed so hard in ever epic stories!

Matt add spuddy to the “ive met more ipxers in person” list!

Thanks spuddy!

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Bored at work - hottest female/male

In the sprit of fuzzes “bored at work” topics which were the flavour… Sitting in the transit lounge with nothing to read I thought I make my own!

Top 3 hottest females (wives/gfs excluded)
Top 3 hottest males (husbands/bfs excluded)

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/Me Away

fore the next 4-5 weeks I am travelling around the country (if Im comming to your location i’ll let you know (no one IPX lives in the whacked out places Im going (but I might get a week in brissy in 2 weeks))
I’ll be away, accessing the site through my phone and mumble nighmaringly via my phone too!
anyway, if you dont see to much of me you knw where I am

Update ont he party, to those who DID respond, (and those I expect to come, I have sent an invite tonight!

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/me has the shits (R18+)

Shads got the shits with the lack of “Bored day 4”

So many options…

Fav pornstar, fav sex position (we all know robags lol)… So many lewd options

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Shads Party Update

Sorry for the blog, but need to ensure everyone sees this
(I have also updated the 30th Birthday challenge page)

Save the Date dealies have been sent – this contains VITAL information. (accommodation, under 18s, kids etc etc)
The GROUP email has been sent to peoples Email Accounts which are registered against their TEAM IPX login! – So if you haven’t got it, check there… if you still dont have it, let me know!


300 Svalbards for the 1st Member, Honorary, BoD & Founder who responds (fuzz excluded lol)
100 Free svalbards to everyone who responds (even saying NO or I’m under 18)

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I just called (you didn’t answer) to say I love you hand a 20 minute wait in the taxi line at Sydney airport with Laurie Daley

no much to talk about, considering I hate league!

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