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Robag gets a mention


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Haven't blogggggged in a while so.....

Rugby league sucks! I know you’re watching it!

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Or Neg

or maybe some random complaining…..


LoL Videos in the blog…

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Well, I am suprised n0mad hasnt posted this!
(I’m sure he’s gunna say something, its a well know fact he is a “chokito fan!”)

Looks like a campagin to “revive” (n0mad will say it was never dead) the humble chokito. The ads are pretty funny I must say.
there is even a facebook page

Well all I have to say is “Shad says NO NO NO to facebook and twitter” And now im gunna use chokitos ad campage against them
is now
Screw facebook, twitter and Screw norway. Chokito’s may be good but facebook & twitter are Norways crack whores.

but the “chokito says NO NO NO to “just a little bite” ad” – so true

More in the blog

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Hang on…

Why didn’t he tell us he was in the automotive design and development business with Suzkui?
Well personally, I think there should have been more IPX badges on the vehicle Kazashi, and IPX should be get a cut of the profits.

But it seems they’ve (suzuki) have done the dirty and screwed poor kazashi over! They’ve dumped him and changed the name! (however slightly)
trying to swoon the aussie car maket using play on words in order to achieve a likeness which people know they can trust (Kazash and IPX)

WTF are you on about shad? I hear you say….

Watch the vids and click the links… but before you do, note: IPX founding member Kasazhi – IPX. Stand up stonewall goaltender to be reckoned with!

Name: Kazashi
Position: Goal Tender
Jersey Number: 13
Favourite Quote: “Hmmm….”
Team description of Kazashi: “he’s gunna lay the Smashdown on you!” or “Ask Kazashi… hes the brains of this operation!”

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Bring it

Wooo bitches, bring it!

Feel the burn!

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Fore the more tech minded, please help me compare

eVGA 141-BL-E760-A1
Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD7

Video Cards
EVGA GTX285 1024MB CLASSIFIED ( eVGA 01G-P3-1190-TR)
Gigabyte GTX285, 1GB (Gigabyte GV-N285UD-1GH)

Advice is appreciated.

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WhereTF is Shad

WTF has shad been up to…..?

We know he moved house but gosh he has been quiet!

Well, here is part one…

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Moving... Post

Ladies and Gents of the world and more importantly Team IPX (cause IPX is the only peps who count)

If you dont already know, Shad is moving…. (House)

the last few weeks have been spent, while not xmasing, packing etc… and its all going to the point where the PC must be turned off!
settlement on this house and the one im moving into occurs on friday, but the phone/internet wont be connected till the week after…

so, farewell for now… but not for long.

Im confident that Fuzz, Robag and n0mad can Zen it up in my stead.

I’ll see you all on the other side.

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Happy New Year Team IPX

here is to a successful 2010 for everyone!

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