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Anyone interested?

I am looking in the possibility and the interest of teammates or others (fuzz and I are down) in starting an NBA 2k11 or similar team to play co-op together online (against the computer ai) in a playoff series of games or in a season!
Im going to do some more research into if we can play it via hamachi (so we can use the games which were shared amongst our friends)

We’d probably play a couple of games 1 or max 2 nights a week pending availability!
Don’t think that this is easy, boring or lame, especially against the ai! Disorganization and halarity have lead to some epic games when this scenario was done for nhl97 so many moons ago!

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Laides and gents

MONDAY NIGHT COMBAT US $3.75 on steam!

4 Pack for US $11.24


Sale ends 3AM 21/06/11 AEST

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WTF with shad

Dallas Mavericks win NBA finals,defeating Miami Heat!
What the fu k? Lebron phoning it in?

And is it wrong, to hope no one wins the Stanley Cup? (whiley fav player (Mark Recchi) plays for the Bruins, I still don’t want anyone to win (besides he won his cup at Carolina)

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Duke Nukem Forever (DNF) review

I’m looking for internal TeamIPX and regular visitors opinions on this game?
After all the drama, time, hype, controversy and anticipation, and what, like 10 years? (and a $80. Odd price tag)
It’s out!
Does any have it? What are your thoughts? Is it with it? I mean all of the above?

Personally the release seems a little lack luster and I’m not hearing much about it!

So come on, I know people preordered, I know people were waitin on it!

  • how is it?*

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Probably the best brink review i’ve seen… and i’ve seen a few “uninformed” shockers!

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Dendy Premium Cinemas

In the spirit of reviews for team IPX by shad, I thought I’d conduct quick review while I’m here (atleast try before the movie starts.
Well normally, due to the kids have to do a quick 730 session at the local hoyts! however the young scholarship kid who I trained last year brought my wife and I a gift of 2 tickets to the subject cinemas
Never having been to this kinda place or even hearing about it we didn’t know what to exPect!
So here we are. Assured to a special area like a bar lounge, then to our seats. You can order dinner, special stuff, anything from the candy bar, and they bring to too you at your selected Time!
Fucken epic
There is a waiter call button, Only about 40 seats (sounds like lots but feels like your the only persOn in the room.
And the seats are like electric lay z boys! My wife said “fuck the mOvie, I’m getting desert and having a nap!” they are thAt comfortable! And theyve got upholders and hidy holes galore

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New game... Maybe

Has anyone heard or Played battlefield play 4 free

Free – good for the cheaps among us (I’m still burnt from breach)

I also don’t think that it’s the same as battlefield heroes either

I’m out, so I can’t check it out, might be worth a look battlefield play 4 free

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Kazashi - Happy B-Day

Well… FB was good for something (my wife told me that FB said it was your B-day)

God knows I’d never remember my own B-day without her!

Hb Brother!
Welcome to the 29 club…. 1 more year of life left! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

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Mykonos Restaurant Parramatta - Review

Well, you know if someones got the time to tap out a resturant review while he is still in the resturant, it’s
pretty bad!
Mykonos, cnr marsden and maquarie st in parramatta. Over priced, underdelivered on the meals, cutting costs all over the place…

Drinks – Boasting about their cocktails and shots on arrival but out of stock of the content to 5 out of 8 different types ordered. Not a good look. But what they did make, was very good! Recommend the jellyfish!

Food – As stated above, where is the rest of the meal? Supposed
to be a banquet 10 courses, I counted 3, 4 if you include the bread/salad whxih was on the table before we arrived! What was served was aweful chicken sqewers and sausages – like the ones you get for cheap from the deli in coles or wollies… Best they offered was some tempura (deep fried) fish cocktails…. But mr spiros from the local fish n chips could also knock up something of equal quality.

And no freaking desert?

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NZ Quake

Team check in!
Nz’ders are you ok?

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