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Conspiracy? Or.... CONSPIRACY!

I had my first experience with the new file format from Microsoft’s latest Office series. Surprise surprise, it doesn’t work in anything else. Since I detest Office 2007 for its form and price tag, I went looking for a converter. sprang up as an online option, claiming to be fast and easy. After a few seconds you’ll notice that there’s a price attached – literally there is a US$5 fee for the conversion. Even more than that, check who is behind this software.

Go on, check….

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Howdy from the Qantas Club!

Howdy fellas
im sitting in the qantas club, wasting some time!
thought id say Hi yall
hope youse can keep it up without me!

i wont do it… but i had a thought about our marketing campagine!

i walk round and log every computer onto
then run away!

cya’ll soon

PS, here at the qantas club the transperancy on the eagle on the corner doesnt work!
its the straight white square with the eagle!

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A "Suspected Norwegian"?

From The Age today:

The basic requirement of the stealthy night-time burglar is the ability to stay awake. A suspected Norwegian burglar failed the test and has ended up in jail.

I guess we suspect that he is Norwegian because of his lack of competence?

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Double pounder - Oh no...,23599,22226831-2,00.html

Oh No! no no no no….

Shad I know what you’re thinking and NO! We will die if we eat this burger. A pounder was enough…

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Are we still alive?

We have migrated from ServersAustralia to xHost… are we still alive? Too early to tell.

Edit: Looks like we are!

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it’s been a while, but I’ve finally managed to get more than 5 minutes time on the net!
I’m currently in Townsville for a wedding, but I’ve managed to have a quick look at the new site and I gotta say – I’m impressed! Even though it’s still a work in progress, it’s coming along really well. You should all be proud of yourselves!
I’ll hopefully be able to get back into the swing of things after the Europe trip next month. Get a new laptop, move into the new place, get connected and GAME ON!

Keep up the great work.

Kazozza – IPX

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Contest: What should we name the IPX blog?

Some sites have cool names for their blogs. Ours is just called “blog” right now and accessed via /blog.

So do we just keep it as Blog, or do we want to come up with something sounds cool and promotes IPX?

There’s something to be said for keeping it at /blog. Simple, effective… There’s also a case for catchy names too…

An example:

Company: lullabot
Blog name: lullablog

The only thing I can think of is perhaps ipxblog… kinda sucks though.

Thoughts, suggestions?

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Recruitment Drive

I would like peoples opinions on an IPX Recruitment Drive?

Do we need to recruit?
How many should we recruit?
What are we looking for?


you know what i mean, and i want thoughts…. Ashi VALUE ADD!
no fence sitting in this one people ZEN IT UP and comment!

No matter what we do, of course we need to recruit people who we know and get along with, such as we did with Chipper/ltmon.

Also Chip/ltmon, I need your home addresses!
gotta send you something (don’t worry I’am not trying to sell Amway!)

also ashi, whats the status of Hashi?

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Back in Business

And we’re back. After a short outage after we exceeded our bandwidth limit, we’re back online. The plan is to stay on the free hosting plan until we’re ready to go live so towards the end of each month its likely we’ll be over our limit. The limit is 250MB, and by moving to the first paying plan we’ll get 2GB of bandwidth, and hopefully that will be plenty for go live. If it isn’t there are other hosting options we can consider.

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