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IPX vs Ethereal 1

13/01/2008 19:30
13/01/2008 20:30
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Score IPX: 
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Please comment below as RSVP that you can attend. We can only have 6, so please respond below. If you miss out this time, we’ll get you in next time. We’ll plan to have one reserve – so we need 7 realistically.


Team IPX Confirmed
Kazozza Player 1 – ©
Hashy Player 2
n0mad Player 3
Bloodstorm Player 4
holdens05 Player 5
zoomer17 Player 6
Sha8doW Sub 1
HarrassmentPanda Sub 2
Fuzz No
Kazashi -
ltmon -
ResidentEvil No
Haklin No
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GA ET:QW Ladder now in free play mode

Despite claiming to be in freeplay mode (can challenge teams, results don’t count) for at least a month now, GA finally decided on a map cycle which apparently now allows free play to actually work. See below for the nice email from GA.

The ET:QW ladder has had it’s map selection options updated.
Teams can now make Freeplay challenges.
The GameArena Team

Let me know if you guys want to challenge someone. The team lists are here

Currently all the founders are captains. If we find ourselves playing a match with no founders we’ll add more captains then.

Ltmon gets hitched!

Team IPX would like to congratulate member Ltmon and Mrs Ltmon on their marriage on 5/1/2008.

The day went off without any of the usual wedding day hiccups and he is now looking forward to his honeymoon in Vietnam.

Congrats Lt.

Team IPX

1.4 News coming this week!

Badman from SD has posted announcing news that extra info on 1.4 is coming in the next few days. I’m predicting a release between the 11th-18th of this month.

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Site outage - 6/1/2008

There was a short site outage this morning caused by me testing a module update. Everything should be back to normal now.

Leave a comment here if anything weird is still going on.

Also, in the event of a site outage, whenever possible information is available in the chat room (#TeamIPX @ irc.gamesurge.net). If you don’t have an IRC client I suggest getting one now as it beats the hell out of using the java applet. Try trillian or mIRC

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Free Games and more

Thought I would make up a list of some free games to fill up that awful awful spare time!!

www.silkroadonline.net/ Havnt played this one in well over a year now. Think of it as free, cheap,lean World of Warcraft, but without the noobification that is chained to WoW. I played it for a few months. Becomes the same old repetitious slashing and casting and drinking of potions that I ‘imagine” WoW to be like ( No I swear I have NEVER played World of Warcraft!! Seen it played ONCE on a lower end system, heard about it before most people heard about it.)

http://rigsofrods.blogspot.com/ Read the keysheet and manual .pdf files, and then have fun smashing vehicles up. Havn’t tried its online feature yet, I imagine it to be in the league of San Andreas Multiplayer in terms of how streamlined it is.. It’s just a small project vehicle damage physic simulator, I think? Some might claim it to be a game.. You decide, give it a go.

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The Tree of Apologee

Welcome to the tree of Apolgee

Hopefully here we can all air our “sorrys” and we can all move on to a better 2008.

I would like to apologise to anyone whom may feel that I was abusing them when asking complete tasks, this was not my intent. However, perception before intent. I am truly sorry. Rest assured I will make a genuine effort to word things better in the future to ensure something like this does not re occur.
I would like to apologise if people feel I have played a part in the breaking of any rules, specificly rule 28.
I would like to apologise to people who have disagreed with my methods for managing tardiness and poor contribution. I agree that I was angsty to certain people of our team. No matter what the reason, this was unacceptable.

I state once again that I conduct my actions in a hope to better team IPX and drive it forward into the future. I hope that I am not standing alone when I say that I expect IPX members to fulfill their commitments, responsibilities and to be truthful to their word. I expect everyone to be focused on the future, committed to bettering IPX, be pragmatic and timely in their actions.

If someone feels I have left out any part of anything, please jog my memory via a PM and I will happily adjust if required.

Sha8doW – IPX
8 – Team IPX

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EDIT: Rigs of Rods!!!


Ok so I didnt sleep last night again, and on my browsing through the Orbiter forums I found this.. havnt downloaded it yet, still deciding if its worth the time… It might be a good way to kill some spare time?

EDIT: Hahaha.. Once you get past the frusteration of figuring out controls and getting your footing, its abit of pointless fun hehe.. Like bridge builder I suppose (http://www.bridgebuilder-game.com/)

Should add this to our list ( when we make one =p ) of games/programs to mess around in to waste some spare time that are free… Have a go at flying the planes.. See what happens when you tip it from side to side too quickly ;)

Reading control and introduction .pdf files I really do recommend for this if your prone to frusteration such as myself =p

Peace <3

EDIT: Scroll down a bit for some basic controls ive had to commit to memory to play this “game” =p

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