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The Tree of Apologee

Welcome to the tree of Apolgee

Hopefully here we can all air our “sorrys” and we can all move on to a better 2008.

I would like to apologise to anyone whom may feel that I was abusing them when asking complete tasks, this was not my intent. However, perception before intent. I am truly sorry. Rest assured I will make a genuine effort to word things better in the future to ensure something like this does not re occur.
I would like to apologise if people feel I have played a part in the breaking of any rules, specificly rule 28.
I would like to apologise to people who have disagreed with my methods for managing tardiness and poor contribution. I agree that I was angsty to certain people of our team. No matter what the reason, this was unacceptable.

I state once again that I conduct my actions in a hope to better team IPX and drive it forward into the future. I hope that I am not standing alone when I say that I expect IPX members to fulfill their commitments, responsibilities and to be truthful to their word. I expect everyone to be focused on the future, committed to bettering IPX, be pragmatic and timely in their actions.

If someone feels I have left out any part of anything, please jog my memory via a PM and I will happily adjust if required.

Sha8doW – IPX
8 – Team IPX

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EDIT: Rigs of Rods!!!

Ok so I didnt sleep last night again, and on my browsing through the Orbiter forums I found this.. havnt downloaded it yet, still deciding if its worth the time… It might be a good way to kill some spare time?

EDIT: Hahaha.. Once you get past the frusteration of figuring out controls and getting your footing, its abit of pointless fun hehe.. Like bridge builder I suppose (

Should add this to our list ( when we make one =p ) of games/programs to mess around in to waste some spare time that are free… Have a go at flying the planes.. See what happens when you tip it from side to side too quickly ;)

Reading control and introduction .pdf files I really do recommend for this if your prone to frusteration such as myself =p

Peace <3

EDIT: Scroll down a bit for some basic controls ive had to commit to memory to play this “game” =p

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Edited - Shad quits again

Edit: Originally this post was about Shad quitting. In the end it turned out to be a misunderstanding, and while several things that went down as part of that I’m not at all happy about, I’m now going to chalk it up to a misunderstanding due to ambiguous language.

The entire comment tree has been removed, and I consider this issue closed. I will however leave in the only positive thing to come out of this – my comment on work for the individual vs for the team.

Fuzz: A message to all – if you’re going to do some work for IPX (and we very much appreciate those that do), don’t do it to make yourself look good, or to make others look bad. Do it because you care about the team, and want to contribute. If you want to own anything you do and be able to take it away at will, maybe being in a team isn’t for you.

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Team IPX add yourself to the qwtracker

Furthermore to my blog at

We now have us updated at

You will need to register at

Once Registered and Logged In update your


Clan Settings
Clanname: Team IPX
Password: ##### ASK Fuzz or n0mad #####

Now lets see the Combat Statistics for the entire Team.


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Jersey Logo Design Page

A few of us have been working on some jersey design ideas. So far only a select few were working on them, and others didn’t really know how or whether they could contribute.

As of now we’re opening this up to any founder, member or honorary member to submit logo’s for the front of the jersey, and an alternate symbol for the side. Anyone who wants to contribute, or is any good with graphic design feel free to contribute.

How do you contribute? That’s the other thing. Up until now all contributions have been either in email, or several different blog pages which get cluttered.

I have closed those other blog threads and made a single new page for jersey design

You can find it easily in the Site Topics menu on the left. Instructions for how to contribute are on the page.

Please keep discussion on jersey logo designs to this page and this page only. All other threads, blogs etc will be closed and deleted.

Fuzz's picture's unexpected Christmas explosion

Merry Christmas all. I hope everyone had a great Christmas day with loved ones.

While we were all eating turkey and non Norwegian goodies,’s hosting provider had a massive explosion in their HQ affecting many of their customers including us. Given the timing of this I’m not too concerned if it takes a few days to get everything back to normal. I sent them an email informing them of the situation last night, just so they knew what was going on when they got back to work. Much to my surprise 10 mins later (11:40PM, Xmas night!) I get an email back explaining what had happened and that they would return all their customers services to normal as soon as possible. Very impressive.

Sure enough this morning is back up. We still have a few issues which they are working on resolving (the test site is still having a DB and DNS issue) but there is no rush on getting them back.

Anyone wondering what was going on with the site, now you know.

Enjoy the rest of the holiday period. See you in game (or in the rink, or on a trek).


PS, by massive explosion, I actually meant a RAID card died and they had replace it :-)

Update: 9PM, 26/12/2007 – Looks like I spoke to soon. Moments after writing this post this morning the site went back down again. It’s back up now for some, but still down for others the DNS change propagates. If you’re reading this, you obviously don’t have that problem :)

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A busy Christmas

Hi all,

I’m probably going to be pulling a slight disappearing act, because in the next 6 weeks I am:

  • Having Christmas with inlaws in Korumburra
  • Having Christmas back in Melbourne
  • Hosting a New years get together
  • Getting married! (5th of Jan, at a Winery in country Vic)
  • Attending my sister’s wedding
  • Spending 3 weeks recovering in Vietnam
  • Not going back to work for 6 weeks!

So all in all I may not be around much up until 15/1 and I’ll be well and truly off line from then until early Feb.

So Merry Christmas all. See you in the New Year and I’ll make sure I put up some photos of the wedding for y’all.


IPX Awards 2007

You nominated… you waited… you couldn’t sleep… you waited some more…

The time for waiting is over. The time for awards is here!

Click “read more” to see the winners of the 2007 player of the year awards.

Aimbot in QWET

I have a question for all to ponder how the hell are players able to use aimbot in QWET when we have punkbuster overseeing the game? I am sick of these hackers screwing up the game for the players who like to play the game fairly.

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