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Ode to Star Wars

So this is like the lighter side of Star Wars and while I don’t want to fill this place up like a linky link place on steroids these are probably the best thing to come out of youtube I’ve seen in ages. Probably more because of the genera than any thing else – comedy sci-fi but defiantly a hoot….

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Its time fellas.. We gotta get a Wolf:ET game setup in the next couple of weeks. If somebody can get ahold of FKQ, that would be fantastic =P

Return to Wolfenstein!! You will find me hiding in that damn train/tram thing as usual!!

Whos in? cmon cmon!! Everybody it will be great, a welcome change of pace! =D

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Who is still in for the ET:QW GA Ladder? Numbers are an issue and we may need to drop out.

75% (9 votes)
25% (3 votes)
Total votes: 12
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Quake Wars Modding: Ideas & Resources

Ok to start off with ill post some resources ive found to help get people started on the SDK, instead of just having to jump in there and spend hours finding everything =p

Ill hold off on pages and pages of mod ideas for now.. Firstly we’ve gotta be grounded in the SDK.. Cant bring any of those ideas to life without the know how to back it up =p

The wiki seems a good place to start:


On that page if you scroll/look down a little you will see the Featured Content section, which has a few nice looking articles to get started with yer mapping!




and starts getting abit more advanced when you get to here..


1.4 Update coming soon

It wasn’t really a surprise that with such a massive patch there was bound to be some niggling issues to sort out post release. badman has posted a new blog explaining some of the upcoming fixes to come with patch 1.41. Check it out here

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ET QW SDK Final Released

For all you map and mod makers out there…


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IPX vs Team Wolverine 1

19/01/2008 20:30
19/01/2008 22:00
Challenge Details
Challenge Type: 
Team Wolverine
Not Applicable


Team IPX Confirmed
1. © n0mad Yes
2. Fuzz Yes
3. Sha8doW Yes
4. Hashy Yes
5. holdens05 Yes
6. zoomer17 Yes
Reserve 1. HarrassmentPanda Maybe
Reserve 2. Bloodstorm Yes – contact morning of game if required otherwise will be out
Kazashi No
Kazozza No
ltmon Honeymoon
ResidentEvil -
Haklin NO

1.4 Has Landed!!!

Well I win the bet!!!:) 1.4 is finally here and the changes are MASSIVE! Click here to read all the changes. This patch has been a long time coming and it most certainly looks well worth the wait.

See you in the servers!! … After work:(


P.S I’d highly suggest getting the file from a local ISP server. Internode has the file mirrored here. Linux patches are also available on their file server.

Some people are reporting crashes. This could be due to not having updated punkbuster. Update punkbuster manually here
If your game continues to crash do not try and update it through the auto-updater. Because of the huge patch size its likely packets will get corrupted. Download it manually from the node link above.

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Thats got not much spam in it

We’ve been getting a flood of spam, so I’ve disabled anonymous comments until it either subsides or we put in some kind of captcha or whatever.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

That massive 1.4 news has finally arrived

A few days ago I mentioned that impending 1.4 news was coming… Well that news finally arrived today. No 1.4 isn’t here however it looks like coming out shortly (wait…you’ve heard that already). Apparently some internal testing found some bugs in the installer,

Our planned roll-out had to be stopped because internal testing turned up issues with the installers that could affect some players. The folks at Activision are trying to get these worked out as quickly as they can – they will let us know as soon as they have a solid estimate for getting the fixes in and tested. We’ll pass that information on to you right away when we get it.

-Badman, Splash Damage

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