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I hereby tender my resignation, effective forthwith….

And you can serve it to that monument in the office over there.


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GA Tournament Round 2 (IPX V RoK)

13/11/2007 20:00
13/11/2007 22:00
Challenge Details
Challenge Type: 
Competition / Ladder
GA 10k Cup
Regiments of Kaos
Score IPX: 
Score Other: 

Please comment below as RSVP / Confirmation of attendance.


Team IPX Confirmed
Sha8doW Yes
Fuzz Yes
Hashy Yes
n0mad Yes
ltmon Yes
chipper Yes
Deviance Yes
ResidentEvil Yes
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Apparently, we are all GA's bitches

The rules page for the ETQW tournament ( no longer contains any references to allowing substitutions, and added (amongst other changes) the following:

Teams must comprise of 8 players.


Teams must not use any player who is not listed in the registered player list.

And this juicy chestnut:

Any team that has less than 8 players on their team … forfeits the match.

Which is changed from it’s previous version where you could play with fewer than 8 if the other team agreed.

So….. GA expects anyone entered in this tournament to be completely ready to play at any time they happen to announce (less than a weeks notice in most cases) and not be able to sub? If not? NO TOURNAMENT FOR YOU! Am I reading the rules incorrectly or something? Surely some of the other teams have lives… or maybe not.

I know the effort of running a tournament from GA is not trivial, and usually don’t demand people to run things by my rules especially when they are doing it for free. But it’s still irksome, especially when the promo for the competition said:

And maybe you’re just out to have fun.

Hmmm… nice way to let us “just have fun”.

In any case, I certainly won’t blame anyone from IPX who can’t make a scheduled match under these conditions, although do let us know as far as possible in advance.

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ET:QW on Steam

Ok, soo, I still have steam installed.. Reguardless of the fact that I havnt even tried to play CS:S since i got my mittens on the Quake Wars Demo.. Kind of annoying having it open up everytime i log into windoze… I believe soon enough ill probably delete it altogether..? =o

Anyways, when it just started up for me just abit ago, I get the nice popup from steam updates, and low and behold, its for Quake Wars haha..

Special discount this week, 20% off, sale ends monday.. Was $49.95,now $39.95… USD ofcourse…

Only problem I have with buying things off of Steam, is not getting a hard copy of the game… From what I understand with buying games off Steam, is that you have to download it, and then use the appropriate CD Keys/whatever that they will supply you…
I just think its rediculous payin that money and not gettin the box! =p

WTF is the go with these magnets too…? =|

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ET:QW 1.2 Linux Client Released?

Ok.. So I decided to do a search for a Quake Wars Sound Selector…. On the offchance someone had already put some work into one ( similiar to Half Life Sound Selector)…
Sorry but, I think its hilarious playing a game like Counter Strike while playing quotes from Predator such as” RUN!! GO!!! GET TO THE CHOPPER!!!” or the classic “Long Tall Sally”.. In a game of CS(:S), you will usually get a mixed response from your fellow gamers when you start to play wav files over the teamspeak system.. But its the few in the server that cant stop laughing that make it ooh soo worth while ;p

Ohh yeah.. I found this while i did a search for a QW Sound Selector..

Is this the awaited new release for Linux users?

Either way.. I had to make an initial blog post…. Meh…

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IPX Team Photo

Hey All,

Well here it is, the official IPX Team Photo
(More to Follow when I get a free second GOD DAMMIT…)


See if you can find ltmon

Where’s Shad no seriously we can’t find him

ltmon you Covert Ops you

The Team

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The Enemy Territory: QUAKE Wars 1.2 Update has just been released! It weighs in at just over 280MB and comes with a multitude of improvements, fixes, and new features, including full voice communication, an improved server browser, and a variety of XP balancing adjustments. More information on the 1.2 Update can be found in this developer blog update. You can download the 1.2 Update either via the in-game updater or from the mirrors below.
In addition to the client update, there are also updated server files available – please note that due to the amount of changes, there is no server update this time around, only a full installer. Lastly, click “read more” to view the official update notes.”


Internode mirror:

ET:QW GA Comp: Team IPX storms into the second round unopposed!

Team IPX storms into the second round of the GameArena Comp… due to a bye.

Outstanding work all. Let’s take this commitment into the second round against “Regiments of Chaos”

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Vectorized logo

Hi all,

Any of you that were chatting about a vectorized version of the IPX logo have a look at this:

Ten times better than any attempt I’ve made, and it took about 30 seconds to do it (have a go yourself). You can then download the vectorized version as an EPS or SVG, which should be usable and exportable to many different formats.

Here’s my attempt:

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ET:QW Practice Tonight (30/10/2007)

If anyone wants to get any practice in for the comp I’ve booked a server for us tonight. It’s set up for stopwatch which we need some practice at.

Password: Ask in IRC tonight
When: 30/10/2007 (Tonight) 7:15PM to 9:15PM
Why: Practice!

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