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IPX Padman Team Photo

31/10/2007 20:45
31/10/2007 21:45
Challenge Details
World of Padman
Challenge Type: 
Team IPX
GA Spray
Not Applicable

Required: All IPX Gaming Roster

Please comment below as RSVP / Confirmation of attendance.

Team IPX Attended
Sha8doW Attended
Fuzz Attended
Kazashi -
Kazozza -
HarrasmentPanda -
Hashy -
n0mad Attended (With Camera & Tripod)
ltmon Attended (What do you think?)
chipper Attended
Deviance -
Bloodstorm -
Haklin -
XViper -
Firestorm -
ResidentEvil -
Askari_ -
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Ladies and gentlemen, we have some arse kicking to do: http://www.flickr.com/photos/11579979@N04/1141563754/

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ET:QW Comp Cheerleading

Although Im not quite (ok, at all) up to speed with QW and would be useless to you all, I would like to give all IPX members participating in the comp my full support and a very wholehearted “kick some ass”!!!!

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ET:QW 1.2 coming - with new features!

Looks like there’s plenty of new features in the upcoming QW patch – full voice comms, game balancing improvements, threaded renderer (“even greater performance for quad core computers”!!!)

This game keeps surprising me – features like voice comms was the last thing I actually expected them to do in a patch release.

What will the BF2er’s have to complain about now there’s voice support.

Source: http://community.enemyterritory.com/index.php?q=node/188

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WTF with Shad

so you wanna hear shad rant?
give him a topic, fire him up and listen away!

This episode, Moron Chuntbunglers not using the site or irc

WTF With Shad #1

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IPX vs Nesreca 1

28/10/2007 20:30
28/10/2007 22:30
Challenge Details
Challenge Type: 
See us in IRC channel beforehand
Score IPX: 
Score Other: 

Please make sure you have Vent set up and working beforehand.

Please comment below as RSVP / Confirmation of attendance.


Team IPX Confirmed Nesreca Confirmed
Sha8doW Yes Mayham -
Fuzz Yes disrupt -
Kazashi No egge -
Kazozza Sadly, no =( mf -
Axe Man - neg -
Sir Draco - ron1n -
Manschaft - vippin -
Hashy Yes zephyr -
n0mad Yes Nexus -
ltmon Yes
chipper Yes
Deviance Yes
Bloodstorm Yes
Haklin -
XViper -
Firestorm -
ResidentEvil Yes

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars Tournament at GameArena

For those who haven’t seen in the forums, GameArena is running an Enemy Territory: Quake Wars competition and calling for registration now.

Team IPX will be entering a team :) Although we don’t expect to be in the hunt for the grand prize of $10,000 it will be a good opportunity to make the most of a great game we’ve all pretty much paid for and to show off our awesome hockey skills.

The format of the tournament is 8v8, playing best-of-3 stopwatch rounds. It will be a knockout/elimination contest, with a full schedule to be determined once registrations are complete. Full details are available at http://www.gamearena.com.au/competitions/etqw/

If you haven’t already registered with GA, do so NOW and join Team IPX for this tournament. Even though it is 8v8, substitutes are allowed between rounds and between matches, so there’s no excuse for not registering. Having a few more than 8 will allow us to keep playing even if Real Life ™ rears it’s ugly head for some, and some of us more noob players are more than happy to share our spot in the team if we have more available.

Shad is our official team captain for the tournament, and will be handling the administrative details, contact with GA etc. etc.

Note: As of 2 minutes ago we now have the requisite 8 players registered and are qualified to enter. But as I said, keep ‘em coming!

foolish curiosity.

What can I say, after joining team ipx I learned that many of our
members are linux users, so having never seen or used linux myself
I became quite curious as to why people would choose linux over
a windows client. Well one week, three distributions and a non stop
riot of a headache I still don’t understand why people choose to
use linux over a windows client.
However I would like to whole heartedly thank ltmon for spending
most of this evening trying to help me get Quake Wars working on
my Fedora distro.
After my net connection died and I couldn’t ask Ltmon for more
help I gave up on Fedora and re installed Sabayon, I figured that
if I couldn’t play games on linux I would at least install something
that looks hot, and I could slowly learn to use, Sabayon being
built from the Gentoo architecture. (and still play as my second
sata drive has a minimal version of windows installed on it).
Well thirty minutes later I had a smashing new version of linux
installed and once again my curiosity got the better of me, “hey
why not give Quake Wars a go with this distro?”. As soon as the
installation was complete I had the terminal up and ready to watch
the log fill with endless errors and such. It started without a
problem, after going through hell trying to get it to work on the
other one! But not only did it work it was awesome, truly awesome!
The loading times were great, the sound crystal clear and the
graphics totally seemless. The game runs %100 better on Sabayon
than it ever did on windows.

Well there’s my two cents. Res

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Woo hoo!

Finally pid for the laptop, not long now till it arrives, woo!
Certainly in time for the competition!

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Team IPX Coffee Cups

Ok… Here is the Design for the Team IPX Coffee Cups

The Front

The Back

(Back graphic is optional)
All cups are standard White Ceramic Mugs.
Retail at $22.50

Who’d buy one? What are peoples opinions?

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