IPX Jersey

Thanks for the Jersey lads!

As you can imagine my old one wasn’t very popular.

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ET:QW Practice

Evening all,

ET:QW’s been out for a few weeks now, the Linux version sounds like its getting close.

How’s a disorganised practice match sound – we all converge on one of the empty servers on node – and wait for everyone flock in to take us on much like the good old days on the customs server for ET:W.

All new honoraries (soon to be announced) welcome of course.

Who’s up for it?


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Infinity welcomes careful drivers

So, it’s finally happened: Kazozza OZ-mantado is back on the air!

The modem arrived today and it’s working fine!
All I need now is a laptop and I’ll be fragging Strogg left, right and centre!

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Peas and Rice!

Holy smokes! This site gets better every time I visit, fantastic work lads!

I have good news, I’m in the process of ordering a new modem (net connection to follow very shortly) and I have one or two more processes to complete before I order my shiny new laptop. Very excited! Soon I will have filled one of the gaping holes that was created the day I left the net… Huzzah!

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Good news on the ET:QW for Linux front


If you can’t be bothered reading:

“…with what we’ve seen from the ET:QW private beta, we would expect to see the native Linux client within the next week.”

There’s also a screenshot of ET:QW running under Linux, with an ATI Mobility x1400 graphics card at (guessing) 1024×768. Since I have the x1600 I hopefully can get it running at this and better resolutions.

Hopefully us free-software-microsoft-hating-hippie-types can join you in some fragging soon!

New Honorary Members - September 07

Team IPX founding members have inducted the following players into The Team IPX Honorary Membership ranks:

  • Haklin – IPX
  • n0mad – IPX
  • XViper – IPX
  • Firestorm – IPX

The above mentioned players are affiliated with Team IPX and are free to use any of the IPX trademarks, symbols, sayings or the – IPX “Jersey suffix” while gaming under the guidelines of rule 17.

Please make the new Honorary Members feel welcome.

The Current IPX Gaming roster is as follows:

  • Chipper – IPX
  • Deviance – IPX
  • Firestorm – IPX
  • Fuzz – IPX
  • Haklin – IPX
  • Hashy – IPX
  • Kazashi – IPX
  • Kazozza – IPX
  • Ltmon – IPX
  • N0mad – IPX
  • Sha8doW – IPX
  • Sir Draco – IPX
  • XViper – IPX

Team IPX

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Padman Screenshot

Hey all,

Just been looking at the screen shots on the World of Padman Website

I think we should submit a team IPX Padman screen shot, what that is i don’t know right now…
My thinking is we submit Screen shots to a Forum link then have a vote about which one to submit…

What do you guys think and we should be able to vote the best screenshot to submit……

PROMOTIONS for ltmon and Chipper

Team IPX held a ceremony on Friday 14th September. Honorary Member ltmon and Chipper where both presented with full Team IPX membership and Official Members jerseys by the Almighty Chewbacca in a scene reminiscent of STAR WARS “a new hope”
With Chewbacca’s roar the Team IPX Founders & Members erupted in cheer.

ltmon and Chipper over the last 6 months have displayed exemplar performance as Team IPX Honorary Members. Fuzz, Founding Member of Team IPX, said “Without them both, teamipx.net would not have been possible” “They have gelled well with the Team IPX environment and there gaming skills are fantastic” said, Founding Member, Sha8doW

ltmon and Chipper were also presented with a limited Edition bottle of Team IPX Red Wine, which is hand made in the Sha8doW Family vineyard.

“It Validates my life” said Ltmon in his acceptance speech

“It great to feel Appreciated” said Chipper to the cameras on his way back to the Team IPX vehicle.

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Scotland weather

I am currently sitting in my cousin’s lounge room in Glasgow (11:50 Zulu time), enoying the lovely weather, it’s been raining or about a day now and I’m loving it.
I’ve been in Scotland for a week an it’s only just started raining.
William Wallace has a damn big sword and a damn big memorial in Stirling!
I’m off to Hong Kong in about 8 hours, then back home in a few days.
It’s been a lovely marathon across 7 countries, but it’s almost over. I’ve seen so many castles and churches… you just can’t escape from them in Europe!

Contrary to popular disbelief, haggis is quite nice (when prepared properly).

I would like to take this opportunity to welome the new recruits to the IPX family, I’ll hopefully see you all online soon.

That’s all I’ve got for now, have to start packing.


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