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Clans,, laggy teamspeak and the knife of maximoto

We bid farewell, (which is more then some afforded us) to many today! We thought we were friends… We never extended anything but the desire to provide an environment for equity and fairness: Working as a team towards a community/family, not owned or run by one individual, but thriving on the contributions of everyone! Owned and run by all!
I can commit to everyone that that still remains and will always remain a fundamental backbone of Team IPX and at the core of our values!
The departing of friends is the sad part, which hurts the most… IPX never would have left them!

All the best to our former team mates… In their new clan.

PS fishey, welcome to our rich list!

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Fckn Telstra!

So I’m not going to be around much (due to travel but also the fact I’m about to explain and I’m getting dicked with using the iPad/iPhone… I just can handle no mouse!), I don’t know when I’ll return to full duties.

Ok so Telstra has commenced illegal churn actions on my phone line. My epic current provider is helping me resolve, however I dunno when my service will return!

So I’m also traveling for over 12 days straight for work. I would have taken the iPad, but if I have no interwebs at home, my wife won’t let me!

Never fear the BoD can operate without me no probs, and when my hands aren’t aching I’ll try my phone!

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If no one hears from me in a while

Send the cops
and tell them my wife did it (Im not going anywhere for work – so its a lie!)

(I was supposed to spend the night with her, and we’ve been fighting heaps lately, and i stupidly got caught up here doing fuck knows! – SHIT! I am genuinely afraid to go to bed)

Ro, how’s your couch?

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Happy Birthday Mandy

Look, Im gunna, more then likely, be away for your birthday…

and now deadites taught me how to record and make videos…. I thought I’d record you a song!

My fav, Barry fucken Manalow!

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/me going on a work related rant

Precursor – apologies, but I need a place to vent – some may understand or just find it funny!
Background – for what I am about to discuss, I have had zero involvement in over the last 2 months, and I’ve been on leave for the last week and been even more removed – of that’s possible
Also me in context – at work I know my shit. No one questions the shad, shads the best at what he does. “if you got a problem, yo I’ll solve it”. But shad, as you know is short tempered, has zero time for stupidity and IF this was the old west/feudal Japan I’d carry peacemakers/ sword and be aiming them at almost everyone, bosses included, blowing their stupidity away/cuttin their moronic brains clean of their necks – for the good of us all!

Situation – at 730 my boss calls me “I’m not comming into work
Today, real sick like, hey there is this meeting organised for today at 10 with x, y & z (all morons, above my pay grade) people’s you’ll need to run it! Oh and you’ll need x outcome!

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Team IPX radio/podcast

Just getting a sounding board/thoughts from people re creating a (30minute max) weekly TeamIPX radio show/podcast (using mumble)

Format 3-4regular people with 1-2special guests or rotational line up.
Talking about everything from current events, gaming, science, jokes, stories.

Shit if they guys who make no right answer at the escapist get paid for that unplanned tyrad piece of shit – and get regular viewers, I reckon we could get a decent program!

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Why do games cost so much in Australia


This was an Americans guess on why games cost more in australia… and I reckon its spot on!
(watch from 4:20 onwards if you dont wanna watch the whole Ep or dont watch on a weekly basis)

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Is it even possible?

So I upgraded my interwebs account: from 40-60gb. They said I “MAY” receive a speed upgrade but as I am peeking the ADSL1 speed limit, it was doubtful!
Our “rollover” and new metering month started on the 2nd Feb (so we’ve been on the new plan/month for 2days)
I started back at work this week after a month off. I’ve have been pretty sick still, so haven’t been around on the computer at home in the evenings…. and the wife’s been using the iPad (3g – so there hasn’t been much using the interwebs at home)

Last night my wife asks, “Can I download some “stuff”?” “Yeah sure” I replied and told her that we’ve got our additional 20gigs to make our lives easier and so we arent shaped all the bloody time!
The current metered usage when she got on was Less than 100mb!
We went to bed! ;)

I woke this morning with the kids, got them breakfast then came into the computer…. I realised the PC & torrents had been left on all night!

I stopped the screen saver to see….

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Much love

I’d like to take 5 to profess my ever enduring man love for Robag!
Cause when you see it, you’ll shit bricks!

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Internode/iiNet merger

Mmm I dunno if I’d call it a merger?
This may be old news, but I only just got wind… I believe this impacts more then a few of us. Thought?
Read below:

iiNet is purchasing 100 per cent of the shares in both Internode and Agile. Internode and Agile will continue to operate as separate business units within the group, retaining their current staff and offices. The current management team, including founder Simon Hackett, are all continuing with the company group.

More in the blog…

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