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Apparently ROCKSTAR have announce a fully PC enhanced version of GTAV to be released at the end of 2014


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DIRTY BOMB is Back... Litterally!

Yep, the stupids who changed the name to “extraction” have changed it back!

maybe they realised the name was stupid.. or they just got sick of my rants about “paying for a DB T-Shirt and it better SAY DB not Extraction!”

either way… its a good move! looking forward to a new SD game!

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So I’ve rented the Small Wood house to AOD LazyBoy for 250 wood each IRL day…

dont shoot him. he is gathering resources additional to his daily tribute for trades with us.

TG are a pack of motherfuckers and are probabaly planning a raid!

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In - Surge - Antcy!

Wow, so insurgency (which was a mod for half life or CS a few years back (around the death of ETQW days)) has been made into a stand alone!

Now when i played insurgency, you got a little antsy cause the damage was realistic. think CS but rather than a stake of solo ninja lone wolves, requiring teamwork. so when you get hit, you go down hard.
I cant remember how many of IPX played it, but i played a fair but with pinge.

it was pretty realistic in its day being right around the “war on terror” high points… and the conflict, for want of a better term, probably is “cutting edge” or shocking.

Its only 14.99 on steam, and while I havent played it yet… if its as good as the mod, I highly recommend it.

Steam Page here:

Sorry Slack, it doesnt appear to be linux-able

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I need help!

Haha, I know what you’re think but no, not that sort of help!

I mean IT help and advice from the trusted IPX Team.
I currently have an Evga GTX 285 classified GPU. Rest of the system is an intel i7, 1336 running on a P6X58D ASUS mobo, 4gig of ram, 2×1.5tb WD Green HDD, 2×180gb raptor HDD, 950w PS.

My issue is, over the last year or so, the specs of a once epic machine have become sub par, espwcially in the GPU department, however it’s been able to handle everything I’ve thrown at it – at medium settings! For certain games which are intense I drop them to low, but the difference is negligible! (Will take more about that later)
Now most know, the gpu card runs hot, real hot, +85 degrees and the fan is at full tilt! (You can hear it when im on mumble – its that jet fighter wngine in the vackground) It’s always been like this. It goes hard or goes home!

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Payday 2 Steam Sale - on now. Go get it!

Payday 2 is currently on sale on steam! $13.49USD for the next 13hours
That’s 55%off

If you don’t have it, get it, even if you don’t have a PC that can run it, buy it!

It’s seriously my pick for game of the year. Forget your “failfield ghosts” or your “call of battlefail4”
It’s a multiplayer co-op FPS where you become a bank robber pulling off heists!
It’s supported by the developer, so far 18 quality patches with updates and content and 1 DLC!

Get it, it’s worth it!

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NBA League Pass - FREE TRIAL

Here at IPX we like our sports! eSport, roundball, ovalball, small ball, large ball, arrows, pucks, yep you name it!

One sport Fuzz and I really like is Basketball! And there is no bigger stage, when it comes to basketball, than the NBA!
Being in Australia, we need to watch the NBA via a system called NBA International League Pass. This Pass gives you unlimited access to watch any game throughout the season and finals! That’s right you can watch each of the 30 NBA teams play their 82 game regular season, plus the all star game, and all of the Finals!!!
You can watch them when you want, as many times as you want: live, delayed, highlights or condensed!
my experience is that it comes though in HD quality, and it absorbs just under 800mb of downloads per game! (but i can even watch it when Im shaped)!
You can watch it via PC, XBox, Apple TV, Apple Apps for iPhone/iPad etc Android, Windows Phone & Kindle

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Enemy Territory: Quake Wars turns 6

Wow, it’s been six years! Happy birthday ETQW and congrats to Splash Damage!
It was great and still had so much more potential!
Some great mates were found/made during this games era – a real fun time for IPX

Who’s up for a trip down memory lane tonight/this weekend?

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Funny Find = Game Give Away

LoL – looking back at my recent blog history, it may appear that I am buying friends…


I was off with my young bloke, as he is sick today. He has been watching the ‘NEW’ version of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles… So feeling nostalgic – I argued with my 6yr old that the NEW turtle van isnt as good as the OLD turtle van…

Google Images gave me THIS piece of GOLD – I spat my drink

WTF hey?

So while you clean up your drink… Drop me a message here and i’ll gift you 1 of 3 copies of that War of the Roses game which I piked up in a 4 pack (Its like a lame Chivalry)

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I have just read 2 of the most awesome articles EVER… announcing that they are making a game based around DUCKTALES!

Problem: while this is great news and a digitally remastered ducktales is AWESOME news.. they are remaking the WRONG DUCKTALES GAME!

Videos and more HERE!

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