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Is anyone else interested in these?

This is really for my own interest, but it would be valuable for everyone to know what everyones intentions are for the future fun and excitment – its always been my opinion that more people playing together is where the fun is at.

This is open to both IPX and NON IPX members.. (just leave a comment if you’re a non member and ill add your thoughts to the table)
Also if you want me to add extra things or expand this to more then just games, I can do that too!

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Ahhh the Serenity

Hear that? No? Neither can I… Its golden! Isn’t it!?

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Shads Holiday, Game Give Away!

Howdy all!

FYI to those who don’t know, I am about to go overseas (literally) on holidays with my wife and kids. During this time, almost exactly the same dates, my fellow BoD memeber Robag will be treking the USA!

Now I know xmas was 4months ago, and school holidays just finished but in the spirt of “holidays” I thought I would “give”
But in “giving” I want to give twice, rather then burden Fuzz and n0mad while I am away!

So what’s the competition? What’s the give away!? how do I win?

Well I’ve got 3 games to give away. Chivalry , Ravaged and a new killa game Mini Motor Racing EVO

How do you win?

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Apologies for letting you all down... Again

I’ve just recieved word that I was not selected as the new pope…
Sorry, I feel like I failed you all and have let you down greatly!

Jesus Christ… (it might have something to do with that black church?)

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Quote of the year!

Yep, its February and we’ve already found it!

“I’m sorry, did the middle of my sentence interrupt the beginning of yours?” – Akenn

Bonus Svalbards

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War Thunder and AceCombat - Assault Horizon

Im loving IPX at the moment, the pop in Mumble and say “hey, lets play today, who’s down” followed by a group of “Hells yeah, Im down” is just epic… so props to the ladies and gents of IPX for starting the year off on a high.

This Blog will hopefully add something to that list…

I like my flying, I didnt so much like the crap that was “Jets in BF3, Awesome” stoopidness and epicly failness that it was. Quite frankly the engine couldnt do what a real flyer could, the controls were broken, poorly supported and the “unlock” system was punishing to people who came in late…
To put it up there with good flight games is just wrong, so i’ll move on.
The best flight sim/action series has to be ACE COMBAT by Namco… they get it right and keep improving it. Distant Thunder on the PS2 was seriously one of the best games produced, engine and visually!
Problem was it was stuck on consoles… untill now!

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Help me remember, what was that game?

Im trying to remember a game… But i cant I’m getting old, and I can’t remember things as well as I should… And when I think that what im trying to remember was about half my lifetime ago… But all that means is I’ve been gaming too long and I’m getting too old!

Help, mainly from Fuzz, Oz and Kazashi… But many of the older IPXers may have played it too!
“It came from a Macca CD”
It was a cartoonie driving game (top viewish). The cars in this context always appeared to me to be like micro machines (no it wasnt micro machines. One was a yellow monster truck which growled when you hit turbo, a black hotrod with flames and a crazy laugh turbo, a police car with turbo siren, a monkey ambulance, a red sports car, school bus with screaming kids and others.
The tracks were crazy: a jungle where you’d race over rope bridges and jump a volcano, a town where you had to beat a speeding train and a port where you’d jump boats!
We used to IPX it up and would love to play again!

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Dirty Bomb

Awwwwe Yeah, Dammmn Boy!
Get ready? I’m ready Splash Damage!

Made for PC FPS Dirty Bomb

Thoughts? I’m excited!

(Shove that up your dodgy arse planetside 2)

PS: Reserve your Player Name!

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National Go Home On Time Day


You can all go home on time…
Tell your boss/teacher/others as neceasary

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Bacon Jam

Some things are described as awesome, some people even falsely tote themselves as being McAwesome…
Well friends let me share with you, something which has no comparison and sure as heck no equal!!

It’s true, I kid you not… Bacon Jam!

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