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ETQW Event Winners - congrats

Congrats to: (in no specific order)
Ed209; and

Linux & Timbo, please contact me ASAP a PM onsite is fine to sort a prize out for you. The linux/NZ dealie has me stumped!

Beavis can you please add me on steam

Congrats again fellas, and thanks for your support!

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Aston Martin 2004 - 2012

Farewell my darling girl. The ultimate sacrifice you paid to protect the backyard from that snake will ensure that you are never forgotten. It cant hurt them or you now, you did your job heroically.
Rest well… You will be forever missed by your two loving boys.

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ETQW Night(s) Bring back the funz!

In conjunction with our great friends over at the The <3 Shack Goto and Prosie, we are proud to announce a co-ordinated ET:QW event!

Time and Dates etc to be determined and worked out shortly.
I’ll post a challenge page on the site once all the deets are known.

So tell all your FRIENDS that its coming and lets have a cracker of a night(s)

In the meantime Install it if you got it, if you dont got it, get it!

P.S. Make sure you register and share some IPX love over at The <3 Shack

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What do you read/listen to etc?

So the question is, what do you read and listen to to stay informed?

Right so the question above is about what types of blogs, videos, newspapers, magazines, podcasts etc do you listen to/read on a regular basis? Whats the topic(s), Why etc… It could be for entertainment or technical…

I personally Listen/watch/read:
From the escapist
The Jimquisition, mainly for entertainment and game info/reviews – funny and informative
Movie BoB (the big picture and at the movies) mainly for entertainment again and movie reviews – a weird (and very cool) take on WEIRD stuff!
Zero punctuation… Etertainment, game reviews, and lols,Although its startin to wear thin!

Extra Credits from Penny Arcade, for game stuff and info. Interesting stuff on the inside of how/why games work/are designed in certain ways!

I like to read the Australian to keep up with world events (and try to remain apolitical) I think it’s got a reasonable coverage of world politics!

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Tech (AV related) help/thoughts/advice/opinion required

Ok, so my DVD/VCR combo has crapped out (yes I know, VCR? well it was a good idea at the time and I actually chose to go away from the PVR/HDrecorders… bad decision (all because I have original VHS of Starwars and Indiana Jones, and I refuse to update when the updates arent the originals))

ANYWAY, I’m in the market for something NEW! MAYBE a Media center

Background. I dont have a LAN/Ethernet/wireless TV, but is a VERY big Plazma – so I’m not in the market for a new TV.
We do A LOT of watching TV which has been downloaded in various formats (presently we stream/convert everything from the PC and play it through ur Ipad/Iphone(this is NOT through Itunes) via AIRVIDEO SERVER : This system is great except for the facts that I need my PC on to make anything work, and need to have my Ipad/Iphone plugged into the TV.)

I need whatever the solution is to do the following:

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So I’m looking to get a vasectomy…
Any volunteers to undertake the procedure?

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ETQW night

Anyone up for an ETQW night?

I’ll check out some, make sure there is a server available!
There is a community of people I know (work) who’d be interested. I could probably get atleast enough for 6v6!

If there is interest, I’ll do some work here, load up a challenge and make some calls!

Who knows there might be some others too!

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Upstairs karma

I guess someone who we used to know must have complained to the big guy in the sky that I was being a bully again…
Bad shad

My chest feeZer crapped out (must have been last night or some time yesterday)
Laugh is on them tho, my new fridge with greater freezer capacity arrived Friday!

Only real bad is the fact I gotta now take it to the tip… But then that’s not so bad, dumping at my local tip is free!

Maybe someone realized those people who complain about me aren’t 100% right… We’ll never know, they don’t drop into mumble to say hi anyway…

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Interesting break down of the main contenders for your hard earned as listed by Dollar (USD) per Frame.

I’ve never seen them broken down this way, it’s obviously designed for finding best value. I think it’s a great resource for people trying to decide which is best for their needs. Obviously those of us who just go for the most powerful won’t care about it but we make up 1% of the market.

The thing I will say is Im not sure what some of our former members used to bandie on about with their 560Ti’s… I can get better FPS with my GTX285 on BF3 on full settings!

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90 degree turn with a barrel roll

Heya just wrote off my car!
Major stack!
Drivin down a long easy right, on a loose gravel road (recently overlayed a few weeks back) the outside has a heap of loose stone due to most people cutting the apex of the corner. However there were Roos on the right hand side of the road so I hugged the outside of road… Rear passenger wheel slid, starting the car to slide. ABS didnt stick to the gravel road. The slide, even with correction took me across the other side of the road. Crashed down a ditch into the embankment. Airbags galore. Due to the back sliding causing the momentum, the car rolled, one revolution!

Smoke in the cabin, shit everywhere. Car a total write off!

Shad walked away ;)

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